Status of solo play in 2020?

    • Status of solo play in 2020?

      What is AO like for solo players at this stage? I'm poking about the forums/news and of course the amount of information to sift through is ENORMOUS. So lost in the new stuff going on with AO. I left AO last fall (played consistently since 2015). Just wondering if anyone wants to put forth some info on what its like on the casual/solo end at this point. When last I played it was pretty guild centric still. Any opinions that are grounded in actual experience here is appreciated. I will keep combing through the forums but thought I would ask. I'm still searching for that sandbox adventure that has good options for exploring and doesn't require that you no-life or help run an freaking online organization of 10k players that you call guildies.....especially wondering if there is life in the open world and how base building is looking from a solo/casual/small group view. GL out there and thanks for any info!
    • It's not bad, depending on the guild you're in, hideouts allow you to live deep in the blackzone and largely avoid a lot of gankers who tend to stick closer to portals trying to catch people transporting loot.

      Solo random dungeons aren't truly solo, so in high tier zones if you're trying to do PvE there, expect to get dove by 2+. As a solo player, I'd recommend being the diver not the one getting dove.

      Next patch is introducing corrupted dungeons, which are essentially 1v1 hellgates - so you could say this next patch is really going to be geared for solo players.

      Also introducing the roads of avalon which are geared more for small groups, which could open up some opportunities for solo play as well.
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    • The biggest problem Albion has had for solo PvP players is no place to go to find consistent 1v1 fights. SRDs are sporadic in finding contacts and even more sporadic in finding solo contacts. Current state though SRD is best chance of solo or at least 1v2 fights. This will be solved in the 12th with Corrupted dungeons functioning similar for solo players as HGs do for 2s/5s. Reliable place to go for 1v1 fights although it will have its share of rats to deal with.