Territory Conquest Changes

    • Territory Conquest Changes

      So I have been thinking of a way to better limit the way territory and perhaps even hideout attacks / Defenses work and this is the more simplest solution.

      Currently we deal with massive alliances who just zerg up and lock down zones, going from one defense / attack to the next one over and over, using numbers and cluster ques to try and win.

      What should be introduced is a new guild point system called Attack Points that each guild earns throughout the day. These points are then spent during times that a territory is being fought over in order to enter the cluster opposed to utilizing a cluster que. For example:

      Lets say CLUSTER A has a scheduled attack going on at 1900 UTC. When the battle is about to start the owner of the territory is able to enter the zone freely without facing any ques or being teleported out. Next any guild that had a declared attack on the territory gets a 50% off attack points for entering the zone. Any other guild whether they are coming to AID the defense or attack of the territory/hideout will have to pay the full attack price per person that enters the zone during the active combat stage.

      So Lets say the cost is 10 points per person. GUILD A & B whom are attacking bring 60 people each, so they pay 600 points - 50% = 300 points to enter with their force. Guild C comes in to Aide the defense so they pay 600 points, and finally the defending guild pays nothing.

      Whenever players die and decide to run back to the zone, they have to pay the point cost again to enter. If a guild runs out of points then their players simply are hit with a message saying they cannot send any more players inside.

      Ultimately what this means is guilds will have to choose more wisely which fights they want to go to and how many people to send as well as what gear to use since sending in 100 people in low tier gear just to act as meat shields only results in higher dissarray and attack point costs. If a guild uses up too many attack points on one fight they might not beable to help their allies fight or defend another attack going on later in the day.


      Guilds would earn points throughout the day similar to the daily guild challenge. As the guild gathers or fame farms the guild levels up for that day and each level up grants the guild X points while the fame required for the next level up increases. The bigger and more active a guild is the more attack points it can amass that day and thus the more fights it can go to and more people it can send.

      In order to help slow down the use of alt guilds stock piling points there would be a point reset each month during reset days. Another alternative to that could be during reset days the point stock pile for all guilds is cut in half and then at the end of the season the points are fully cleared.


      So one possible work around to the system could be leveling up alt guilds with a bunch of points and then moving members from one guild temporarily into the alt guild to do a massive attack. To help prevent this you could have tiered attack point costs based on how long the player has been in the guild. So for example if player is in guild less then 7 days, the cost might be 30 points for them, if its between 8-14 days it would be 20 points, and anything 21 days and above the cost is normal like 10 points.


      While I haven't fully thought out everything yet I believe utilizing some kind of point system like the above would be one of the better ways to limit power projection through massive alliances. One issue that might still stand though is dealing with guilds trying to blockcade the zone entrances with massive numbers.

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    • What is the intent of changing it to this style?

      My intent is to reduce total regional control by 1 guild/all/NAP
      secondary intent, make it viable for players of any region to play from any city. currently you must choose based off timers what cities portal to use.

      I would recommend not placing any cluster next to a cluster with the same timer, if its 0000 and some guilds are fighting in cluster A, Cluster B is the closest 0000 zone but is 3 zones away, it forces a choice at any given moment if you are to fight with 100% force you will have to select 1, 3 zones is nearly 5 minutes of running.
    • Well an alternative idea was that we go to instanced fights of 100v100 or 50v50. Guilds would earn attack points as I mentioned above but when they go to attack a territory they basically are bidding on it. You would attack like normal, spend x silver to launch the attack and then bid all of your attacker points.

      If multiple guilds also launch attacks then it will give the attack to whichever guild had more points and then wipe all of those points away from that guild which wins. The other guilds will get to keep their points but forfeit the silver investment to launch the attack.

      This sorta system will help fight against guilds that used to launch fake attacks on terries with alt guilds in order to prevent other guilds from launching legitmate fights.

      This also means that guilds planning to take over multiple territories will again have to choose more wisely where to attack because once an attack is done they might have to wait a few days before they have enough points to launch a raid on another zone.

      The other advantage is that the fight for the terry itself would be more fair, atleast during the instanced fight. The guilds would still have to deal with other issues like blockading.