Am I doing something wrong?

    • HailOfChaos wrote:

      Well Today would be my third day and I am only tier 3 and nowhere near tier 4, and thats after using like 50 learning points. So i feel like I am doing something wrong can someone tell me what.

      I mined a lot of resources as well.
      If you mean gathering, the step up from T3 to T4 is 30,000 fame I believe. I spent a couple of hours yesterday just getting 20% on the first level so I can spend LP to increase it. After you've hit T4, the fame requirement drops down to a couple of thousand, so the 20% is much easier to reach.

      I definitely feel like skinning is the quickest because I found a spot where 6-7 mobs spawned around me, I just used a longbow to farm them over and over, they re-spawn almost straight away so you're constantly getting combat fame and fame towards skinning.

      Mining and other gatherings feel a lot slower because you do have to move a bit to find new nodes.

      It's a slow process and a little faster with premium.
    • Midgard wrote:

      Honed wrote:

      After you've hit T4, the fame requirement drops down to a couple of thousand, so the 20% is much easier to reach.
      Not sure where you get that from. The fame requirement from T3 to T4 is 30,000 ... the fame requirement T4 to T5 is 140,000
      Apologies, you're right. I was thinking of 1-100 inside the tier. As soon as I unlocked it, the fame dropped from 30k to a couple of thousand per level, but that's on the same tier.
    • There is a good way to start quick.
      Complete one expedition from any town, get royal sigil as reward and after completion of town quests (i guess you did already), sell sigils in any big town t4 sigil as about 40k silver, sell them or one from expedition reward and buy book of insight and set of t3 items: holy staff, tome of spells, scholar cowl and robe and mercenary shoes.

      Use tome of insight when you have those items on you.

      Get cloth tier 4 helmet (cleric cowl) and chest (mage or cleric robes), eye of secrets from "tome fighter", leather shoes (assassin shoes), simple cape and most importantly great holy staff or holy staff from priest weapon line (great holy is twohanded and you can't use it with eye of secrets).

      Win arena 3 times, sell arena sigils you get as reward use bags with silver and tomes to level to tier 4 other weapon and armor pieces and experiment..
      Look at what people wear, how skills work, spend time in red zones.
      With this you will be better than the half of players on the next day.

      And use food and potions of course: healing potions for solo venturing and exploring; resistance potion for arena healing, beef stew for arena damage dealing roles, pork omellete for casting time bonus, cabbage soup if you farm some mobs and pork pie if you gather or transport something.

      Don't waste time on gathering or farming, it is poinless if you are not REALLY interested in it and not nearly as profitable as pvp.

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