The poisoned arrow skill needs a buff or rework

    • Tenho que concordar que as flechas envenenadas estão horriveis, a unica vantagem de usar ela é que ela é target então não tem como errar fora isso é simplesmente horrivel ela da pouco dano e não tem nada alem disso enquanto o tiro mortal da 3x mais dano, tira resistencia, pega em varios inimigos ao msm tempo e tem mais alcance então a flecha envenenada é basicamente inutil os cara só usa em avaloniana para não acabar agrando algum mob que não é para agrar e ela ai continua sendo horrivel por que tem mobs com skill de reflete e ai você toma no cu por que não da para cancelar o veneno então acaba que o tiro mortal continua sendo melhor que o veneno.
    • deadly shot does physical damage which can be mitigated by armour. though it provides some armour shred if you hit it and also provides some form of aoe damage to bow's Q
      but landing deadly shot is consistantly is hard unless you have a 100% hit rate but if you miss even one all the armour shred stacks fall off and you miss one Q worth of damage. though i got to agree it provides the longest Q poke in the game and that alone make it worth more than poison arrow this is also why warbow builds are so oppressive

      poison arrow on the other hand deals True damage that is not stopped by any armour in exchange for range and ease of use
      it can also be stacked up to 3 times and will provide more single target damage than deadly arrow over a long fight if the other guy lets you stack up that much
      one single posion arrow with full duration will deal slightly more damage than a deadly shot when users are using cloth but more when when the other side is using plate

      multi shot is another problem though. i tested it and it seems to be affected by armour even though it does not say what damage type it does. in my opinion multi shot needs a rework. the aoe it gives does not compensate for the damage it does at all. and i mean the aoe is damn small. that it is practically a joke.
    • poison is best for open world PvP, any DoT is very useful in chases as it prevents mounting by ticking damage as well as keeping them in combat stops passive heals.

      Multishot is the only one with no place... if it were perhaps a 180-360 shot of arrows would be good enough? or maybe have Knock back ... or if multiple arrows could hit 1 target like the shurikens on dagger