Veridian - Recruiting Now

    • Veridian - Recruiting Now

      VERIDIAN - A mature and friendly community guild, focusing on PVE & PVP looking for new or veteran players to expand and experience the world of Albion.

      Our Aim

      ■ Establish a fun guild aiming to do pve and expand into pvp. Hellgates and Red & Black Harvest Zones and Dungeons will be our initial focus
      ■ Be able to grow skills to do mid & late game content
      ■ Offer a safe and informative environment for players to explore what they want
      ■ Allow players to expand into Gathering, Crafting, PvE or PvP focuses

      What we Can Offer

      ■ Thetford Based Guild Island, Free Crafting for all members
      ■ Guidance to new players
      English core language, But not restricted to EU & NA only all are welcome
      No Mandatory events. We recognise everybody wants to do their own thing based on their availability, Although teamwork is encouraged
      ■ Daily events you can attend to fame farm (Dungeons) Or Participate in upcoming PvP Events (Hellgates, Red & Black Dungeons, Gathering)
      ■ Daily Expeditions
      ■ Reasonable Tax rate that will decrease with increased numbers of members

      Discord is used for Voice coms, However it is not required to be in the guild
      It will be required to listen to calls in PvP Events, Mic not needed.

      Coming Soon
      Roads of Avalon
      Corrupted Dungeons
      Naked Donkey Races

      To Apply

      Please leave a message here, Or Contact in game, either

      Stay Safe

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