Are there any plans to give curse a viable ZvZ weapon?

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    • Are there any plans to give curse a viable ZvZ weapon?

      Right now the only ones that are brought is the cursed skull, and damnation staff. Cursed skull is completely out shined by the siege bow and do the exact same thing. Damnation staff is limited to 1 or 2 per Zerg before becoming redundant.
    • Fusionbomb wrote:

      Demonic and Lifecurse both seem viable to me, but similarly to Damnation you probably don't want more than 1 or 2.

      Cursed weapons are good because you have Root/Pierce options on your W, which provides utility in ZvZs.

      Lifecurse isn't a ZvZ weapon and Demonic E is too short to make a meaningful play both of those weapons as of today are not ZvZ viable. You could still make a combo with Damnation but it's not as strong as in the past.

      If you ever wonder what is the ZvZ meta look up to big bandwagons.
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    • viable != meta

      they can absolutely be used, and damnation is even stronger than it was in the past... they went from being damage dealers to debuffers, which is why you only need 1

      if you can't "make a meaningful play" during an 8 second engage, that seems indicative of a L2P issue
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    • I could see demonic maybe, but super situational... the main issue with curse is in ZvZ it needs a better Q option.

      If curse had a solid Q with better range than the sickle, it would be vaild... lifecurse is hard but ok, demonic must be good at placing it, damnation takes timing as its cast time can make it pointless. 1 H no way, and Gcurse could be good, it works best for DoTs on anyone going through a choke, a few of them could just destroy a force pushing when they shouldnt, problem is it will be 1 stack dmg if anyone drops a locus over it. also curious about demonic zone vs locus on it.... hows that work as both AoE zones would be active and reapplying and removing it.

      Q options for curse.... change to sickle, where the sickle doesnt come from the staff but instead would appear at cursor and move to a second point or perhaps follow cursor...

      like from point X and moves in direction of cursor, there is a skill in LoL that does this but i cant remember the name... its a line blast that is directional but not from user out, from cursor to directed vector.
    • Retroman wrote:

      • Cursed Staff:
        • Haunting Screams (Cursed Skull)
          • After selecting the cast position, the move direction can now be selected independently
          • Area Duration: 6s -> 5s
          • Area Move Distance 5m -> 15m
          • Area Move Speed: 0.83 m/s -> 2.26 m/s
          • Cast Time: 0.8s -> 0.4s
          • Tick Interval: every 1s -> every 0.5s
          • Damage per tick: 43.88 -> 25.00
          • Addional damage vs players per tick: 2% of max health -> 1.2% of max health
          • Multiple areas can now be stacked again

      Sounds Glacial Staffish not sure what I am thinking about this change either it will be sort of Avalonian Fire but Curse or terrible unplayable Glacial Curse we'll see need to try it out.
      Im więcej ludzi na ZvZ tym Surfy i Poe będą mniej hajsu chcieli za nie wyjebanie waszej ziemianki. Wojna Polsko Polska AO. Wesołe Ziemniaczki.
    • The cursed skull rework is a step in the right direction but it would be very helpful if SBI could explain how the mechanic works to control the direction of the ability.

      Did testing on the test server, and it looks like controlling it is based on the quick-cast options chosen by the player.

      1. Quickcast on button PRESS: pressing E will make the targeting circle appear, and upon button RELEASE, the spell will cast and the ability will move in the direction the cursor was when button was released.

      2. Quickcast on button RELEASE: pressing E makes the targeting circle appear, RELEASING the button will leave the targeting circle in the spot it was when button was released. LEFT CLICK with the mouse will cast the spell and it will move from the target circle towards the direction the cursor was when the mouse was clicked.

      This was done with RTS-style controls enabled as well.

      So basically it looks like the new Cursed Skull adds 1 more step to the process of casting and controlling the spell.

      My question is: @Retroman why not just make the casting function the same as the new Avalonian Fire staff???? Wouldnt that have been easier?
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    • I mean, most of the weapons has only one and maybe two lines that work in zvz. For cursed we have damnation and I saw some demonic doing the job pretty well.
      For me damnations are a must have weapon in a big zerd in these days and specially in bombsquads. The diference on playing with and without is big and I would go with at least 5 damnations on the zerg, since they can be stunned and whatever.