Repair Costs Estimate Non-existant

    • Repair Costs Estimate Non-existant

      I was just about to try and do a dungeon in a t8 set.

      I know that repair costs would be lower if i use a t6 set, but I don't know how tough this dungeon is gonna be since the one I'm after I haven't tried before.

      Then I realised what the problem I have with repair costs is:

      We have no way to check how much it's going to cost in advance, without actually equipping the set, dying intentionally and checking the repair cost.

      That would tell us how much it costs at 5% durability loss but if it were unintentional it might be a 10% durability - we still need to know and I believe we deserve to know.

      We deserve to have a way to pre-estimate how much our repair costs will be to help us plan what equipment we will use.

      It will even help us decide what level of enchantment we'll craft an item to, in order to balance repair costs affordably.

      This kind of thing affects profit margins so it is important, and even if you can buy a piece of equipment, if you cannot afford its repairs, you cannot actually afford that item.

      It's like choosing a car just because you can afford its monthly payments, but not knowing the insurance price before you actually buy the car. That's now how things work.

      Is this just me? Anyone else agree?

      I'm willing to wait a year before another person actually agrees with anything I say on this forum, but yeah.

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    • if it wasn't for the undead cape i would have had to pay 200k repairs (guessing)

      it lagged out before the attack hit the boss

      why do players have to put up with this

      i think this is bad game design personally, and i like SBI and albion online but i'm just telling the truth about this 1 specific problem

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    • The repair prices are quite calm even with the top gear, however, dying and then repairing is another thing and can easily cost you at least 10x more. I recently paid 140k because of a lag spike and disconnection at a crucial moment, that made me even more mad because it was not my fault, it was more like a special feature of Albion.