Interface improvement

    • Interface improvement

      Many players who participated in ZVZ are faced with the difficulty of reading nicknames and guild names. Unfortunately, orange and red text is very difficult to read when the characters are moving.

      Here are my suggestions:

      1. Add the ability to separately enable and disable nicknames and guild names. At the moment, you can turn on either nickname + guild, or only nicknames of the players.

      2. It would be very cool to implement the ability to display the Guild banner over the nickname of the character. It would be very convenient for ZVZ players.

      I will be glad to hear the opinion of developers on this matter! @GrayMo
    • Hi @DaLi,

      I like your suggestions! Unfortunatly, dealing with these nametags can have a pretty serious performance impact, especially in large ZvZ situations. We always have to be really careful with changes like these.
      I'll discuss them with the coders to see how much of an impact this would have and think of potential workarounds for performance issues. Thanks for your feedback!