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  • Hello there! Here it goes:

    In-game Name: Wibbly
    Age: 19
    Location: Brazil
    Language(s) Spoken: English, Brazilian Portuguese and a bit of Spanish, (Trying to learn french right now)
    Class Role: Tank
    Gaming History: Love sandbox/building/coop games, played Minecraft in various servers for about 2 years, big fan os RTSs, I've been playing League of Legends for almost 3 years, but mostly with people that I know(don't really like queuing up with a bunch of rude/10yr old strangers), I've never liked playing singleplayer games, it just doesn't feel right to be in a world where the only ones I can interact with are NPCs. Also played a huge variety of Survival style games over the years, the most recent being "This war of mine", and a day doesn't feel right if I didn't play videogames for at least 30 minutes.
    Favorite Color: Don't really think about it since I was like 10, but I think it's green :P
    Favorite Animal: Bees
    Least Favorite Animal: I'm an animal person, but I guess fish, because I find them boring.
    What makes you different from the rest? I'm the type of person that can keep cool even in the most stressful and scary situations, some people call me cold, but it's just that to me, reason and logic comes before emotion when making decisions.
  • In-game Name: Cesn3G
    Age: 17
    Location: Czech republic
    Language(s) Spoken:English - good at written English, not yet familiar with speaking, Czech
    Class Role: Healer
    Gaming History: Ragnarok Online - spend a LOT of time there, LoL, Gw2 - i guess?
    Favorite Color: dark colors over-all
    Favorite Animal: dog
    Least Favorite Animal: what about dolphine? if i'll ever manage to meet one
    What makes you different from the rest? Iam who Iam, thats something you gotta find on your own :)
  • In-game Name: Aedan
    Age: 20
    Location: Canada
    Language(s) Spoken: English
    Class Role: Fighter, although still trying to figure out how the hell to make a "Spellsword" class
    Gaming History: Longest running MMOs I've had the pleasure of playing for me were Runescape and Maplestory, both of which I started playing a long time ago a couple years after they opened up.
    Played Runescape for about 7 years with roughly 70 days gametime logged, and Maplestory for about 4 with which I had the best time I've ever had in a video game with my guild.
    This guild had a very family-oriented feeling to it and your description of Martyr reminds me very much of what I experienced for so long, and get to something like that back and a game like Albion would be great.
    Also spent my fair share of time playing games like LoL, Warcraft 3, a number of MMOs, and the classic sandbox games like Minecraft and Terraria.
    Favorite Color: Orange
    Favorite Animal: Wolf
    Least Favorite Animal: Spiders, just because of my irrational fear
    What makes you different from the rest?: I always play as myself in a game. That doesn't sound too interesting, but I don't like to go with the whole stuck behind a certain persona in an MMO because no one knows who I am kinda thing. I stick to what I feel, and I think that just makes me all the more caring. I love meeting new people that share the same passion for real socializing in games, and I like to think that I'm good at bonding with people over the game itself, which leads me to make many great memories for both me and the great people I get to play with. When it all comes down to it, all we really want is those moments in games we always get to cherish and never forget, right?
  • In-game Name:Rojon
    Location: US
    Language(s) Spoken:English
    Class Role:Archer
    Gaming History: Rohan for two years and Aion for a year. Both games I was in a close knit group of people focusing on pvp. Most of Rohan was just 5-10 people taking out the large guilds for control of the castle system. Constantly the first guild to try out the new updates before everyone else. However, we always focused on respect and loyalty to each other and the game.
    Favorite Color: Neutral colors (black, white, gray) in normal sense of color. If talking about physics color it would be the red wavelength since black and white are not colors in this sense.
    Favorite Animal: Owl (have one tattoed on me)
    Least Favorite Animal: fruit fly
    What makes you different from the rest? Focus more on the logical side of thinking instead of letting emotions take control. Allows my world view to be quite different than most people. Takes me a little bit to be comfortable with new people, but after that it will feel like we have known each other for awhile.
  • In-game Name: farmer
    Age: 22
    Location: US
    Language(s) Spoken: English
    Class Role: I'm new to the game but I've been leaning towards the mage route. So depending on what's needed I can go Nuker, cc, or Healer/Support
    Gaming History: LoL and Starcraft 2 were two of my bigger ones. However I did frequent GW and GW2 and did some WoW back when it was huge.
    Favorite Color: Scarlet Red
    Favorite Animal: Rooster
    Least Favorite Animal: Sloth (mind you, I never said *baby* sloth. baby sloths are cute af)
    What makes you different from the rest?: I always leave games because I'm not vibing with the community. It doesnt matter how much fun I'm having; if I am not connecting with my companions and forming strong bonds then I will inevitably leave and go to the next game. I do exceptionally well when surrounded by supportive teammates. Also, I pride myself on being very adaptive. Need a role to be filled? I'll jump into it and do my best
  • In game name: Plagueis
    Age: 33
    Location: US
    Language: English
    Class Role: I am interested in doing whatever helps the guild most. Honestly, am interested in being a fighter/magic user, farmer, crafter; what ever works best for the group.
    Gaming History: WoW, Rift, SWTOR, Guild Wars 1 & 2, Runes of Magic, Vangard, Heroes of the Storm, Smite, League of Legends
    Favorite Color: 2, Blue and Green
    Least Favorite Animal: OMG, snakes and spider. DEATH to them all!!
    What makes me different:
    History about myself. I am a former Marines and I spent 14 month in Iraq. When it was a thing. I started playing WoW while in Iraq. My friend and I had it sent out to us and we played it between convoys (I was a truck driver). Now I am a special education teacher.
    I pride myself of the fact that I am social creature. I really enjoy hanging out in TS, Vent, Mumble (whatever) and talking. To be honest, the game does not matter to me as much as finding and gaming with good people. As a teacher, I enjoy helping people learn the game and get them to where they want to be in the game/group/guild.
  • In-game Name: Nastaros
    Age: 27
    Location: Canada
    Language(s) Spoken: French (Native) and english (advanced)
    Class Role: Healer (i can work on different role if needed)
    Gaming History: Runescape, lotro, rift, aion, knight online, and tons of other non-MMOs
    Favorite Color: black
    Favorite Animal: definatly Cats :3
    Least Favorite Animal: i don't rly like dogs but i don't think it's safe to say its my least favorite animal. i'll have to think further about the question lol...
    What makes you different from the rest? my work schedule is weird, i switch from day to night 12hrs shifts. My play time is kinda the same, you will see me online at differents time of the day depending of my job schedule.. obviously i only play a lil bit on my work days, but i only work 3-4 days a week, and when im off i play ALOT. I would love to have a guild to call home, i've been in one before but they were accepting everyone and some people were flaming others.. its sad because i worked alot to help them with their work stations and guild island. i left the guild because i only liked 4-5 members, and 3 of them left.
    you can find a video of me leading a pvp raid in Aion here:

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  • In-game Name: Morderen
    Age: 23
    Location: US
    Language(s) Spoken: English
    Class Role: I don't have a preferred class as of right now because I am still trying to learn my strengths and weakness on each different setup. It will also change if we practice group pvp/pve. So most of the time I will pick a role that is needed for a certain situation.
    Gaming History: I really have delved into almost all games but the most memorable are UO, Darkfall, Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2, Starcraft series, Counter-strike, Insurgency, RO2, Arma 3, Minecraft
    Favorite Color: Purple
    Favorite Animal: Bear
    Least Favorite Animal: Opossum
    What makes you different from the rest?: I am not afraid to try something new even if I don't think I will be any good at it. I also have a tendency to find out the strongest way to win a game and try to come up with a way to beat it. Heavily optimistic! Mostly see the fun in all things even defeat because I can learn where I need to improve and exactly how someone beat me. As you can tell I am mostly into pvp but have no problem going through dungeons or any kind of pve.