Glacial Staff needs some love

    • Glacial Staff needs some love

      Every weapon in AO has some purpose in any activities. The only weapon i've never seen in any activity is glacial staff. Weapon is pretty useless, E cast is too slow, AoE is too slow and It's avoidable so easily even battleaxe had some usage when specter jacket wasn't nerfed yet. Staff is so bad that i wouldn't even know about his existance if i didn't buy it on accident.
    • Owlsane wrote:

      I'll correct you in one thing, it's been used for one gimmick and it's ZvZ when servers are shit.

      But yea i agree on that. Pretty much if you use it any frost staff can do better.
      Yeah you could probably use this staff in chokes but they are way better options like soul scythe or even knight armor with some dps like brimm behind and even if you take glacial staff no one would be that bad to actually walk into e and follow it
    • The glacial staff actually does insane damage if you use it in an open space and stay within the circle, any melee that wants to hit you will get eaten alive. You basically have 15 out of 30 seconds of invulnerability against a melee or the melee gets eaten. I've used a T5 glacial to almost kill a guy in all T8s, he kept running after me into the circle and the only thing that saved him was an HP pot yet he still had a sliver of HP left.

      What the glacial staff needs is CONTROL of the circle or the possibility of having the circle stay in place. Having it stay in place would be insanely OP. The problem currently is that if you use it in a tight space you can't use it to its full potential because it will go off screen very quickly and you can't even make use of it.
    • The glacial staff's mana and CD on the E are the same as all the other artifact frost staffs, so I don't see a problem there at all. But I do see a problem in the fact that the zone of the glacial staff's E moves. Because it moves, it's impossible to use it with stuns and even in ZVZs you can't really make use of the E since it drifts away. If the zone of the E was made to stay in place, the glacial staff would actually get a lot of love, since it's damage would be comparable to some fire staffs and it could be used in combination with a long stun.