The Band of Bastards️⚔️ of Albion Are Recruiting‼️‼️

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    • The Band of Bastards️⚔️ of Albion Are Recruiting‼️‼️

      We are Recruiting

      Ever wish you were part of a guild that makes you look forward to the next guild hangout event? Well today is your lucky day! We are recruiting enthusiastic newcomers who are ready to learn, and grizzled veterans that want to share their wisdom! We are currently based out of Bridgewatch.

      ✴️What to expect with✴️
      ~The Band of Bastards~

      Fun,Friendly&Inclusive Guildfist

      Multicultural Gaming Guild!️

      ZvZ coaching and training ️

      B.Z. territory takeover's ️

      Faction Flag Content

      Daily Fame Farms!

      Faction Trade Runs

      PvP Arena ⚔️

      Hideout Level 3 in Black Zone

      Exclusive Guild Events

      And Many More...

      Anyone is welcome to join, and we'll be more than happy to teach you the ways if you're ever unsure.

      Join Now (つ✧ω✧)つ

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