Albion on youtube

    • Albion on youtube

      Albion has such a massive player base but it has a relatively small base of watchers / subscribers on youtube , even on it's main channel
      Maybe add rewards?
      For example : subscribing to the main albion channel will give us 25% fame bonus for 1 week
      Also promoting content creators and small content creators would work better with rewards like 10-15% fame bonus for 1 week
      It's a free way of getting watchers / subscribers and it also doesn't affect the economy since it's not a silver-based reward!
    • The albion youtube channel doesn't have many subscribers because their videos are more informative than entertaining. Anyone who is not playing the game is not compelled in any way to subscribe to their channel or watch their videos. I will not be commenting on the Albion TV channel.

      Giving 25% fame boost for a week to everyone that clicks one button is too much. And at the end of the day will never work. The channel will have a large number of passive subscribers who never watch any video which is actually what matters in youtube. I've seen a number of channels in youtube trying to boost their subscriber base artificially. Their sub-base rises in number but the views on their videos remain as little as before.
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