Grailseeker E bug (new avalonian quarterstaff weapon)

    • Grailseeker E bug (new avalonian quarterstaff weapon)

      The Grailseeker E has two cooldowns, the FIRST one has 20s and the SECOND has 40s. The bug is that when you have cooldown reduction stats (from food for example) it only affect the SECOND cooldown.
      Example: let's say I have 17,5% cooldown reduction because I ate an omelette. If I use the Grailseeker E once, it will still have a 20s cooldown no matter if I have cooldown reduction or not, but the SECOND activation will have a 33s cooldown instead of 40s.

      Another bug from Grailseeker is that the E skill icon sometimes doesn't show its cooldown after I use it, and I believe this bug happens when I get knocked, stunned or some kind of CC at the same time I try to reactivate the spell for the second time. When this happens, the skill icon doesn't become grey like if it was on cooldown, this is bad because I can't track anymore when my spell will be available again.