Fame Split Crafting/Combat

    • Fame Split Crafting/Combat

      Weapon Crafting Fame on weapons are split correctly 100/100 transfers to all nodes. Armor Crafting Fame however, are only giving 92/100 to everything from 100/100. Is this intended?

      Armor Combat Fame being 400/400 prior is splitting to 83/100 in all nodes. Is this Intended?

      Are we being forced to Fame up again after spending all the time/money/energy to max out prior? I can understand starting at zero (0) for the new lines, but not on the old stuff.
    • It would then mean you could also spend it somewhere else and then getting a "free" amount of respec points.

      But if you take in considération IP wise :
      Max spé in artifact armor gives now +300 (with orther armors max) / 240 (without other armors)
      After the update you'll get :
      +20 (masteries)
      +83*2,2 = 182,6 (spé of the main armor)
      + 83*4*0,1 = 33,2 (spé of other artifacts armor)

      total is 235,8 (or 295,8 without other armors maxed)

      In the end, you loose about 4 IP on you gear. The only difference is you can now get higher by doing FF (no money involved) or using respec points (money involved).
      That's honnestly really fair and well though.

      The biggest question is more why artifacts give less bonus than regular weapon. Is SBI really expecting people to start using bedrock maces, spirithunter and such weapon in PVE for the sake of +10 IP bonus ?