Solo Dungeons closing in red & black zones

    • Very good changes SBI. Сhanges that have been asking for a long time. And if some "hardcore pvp players" say that kill someone in dungeon 5+ vs 1 on half HP and skill CD is only pvp for them. So go f.. yourself. Go 1 vs 1 dung. Oh.. Yea.. U cant.. Go HG or cristal.. Oh yea.. U just cant.. Go zvz or faction wars.. Oh yea.. I understand.. Its too dangerous. Only thing u can do - is to kill 5-10-20 vs 1 person in dungeons.. Its safe and easy. Its not called pvp.. Its dogshit. And i think the numbers show how many people leave and the game doesn't grow coz that dogshit "pvp". Thats why devs start this changes. Very good changes.
    • A new player who has visted the homepage of albion and watched their trailer might as well never learn that there is full PvP loot untill he goes to red and black zones. The features posted below the trailer tell us nothing about PvP being full loot and the trailer itself mispresents what PvP is like in the real game. The woman kills the man and silver drops but 1second afterwards we see the man begging, alive without losing any gear.
      You can even write Albion Online in Google. Press Ctrl+F. Type full loot or PvP loot or PvP full loot. You will get no results. Type sandbox - you get 15 results. Type PvP - one result: "Albion Online is a fantasy sandbox MMORPG featuring a player-driven economy, classless combat system, and intense PvP battles". Most MMO players like intense PvP but not when it includes full loot.
      The emphasis is on the game being sandbox, not full loot PvP. WoW is not sandbox. The same goes for FF.
      Albion's is advertised as a sandbox fantasy medieval MMORPG. PvP loot is not even mentioned. And consequently many start the game without knowing that Albion revolves so much around PvP loot.
      The ads are made by the devs. Either there are planning on reducing the PvP grealty in the following months or they are just baiting people with inaccurate ads about their game. But it seems they do have plans on reducing the non-consensual PvP.
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    • Well, this is how you can reduce the percentage of falling loot from a character in a solo dungeon, like an exit, for example. And the destruction of random pvp is the destruction of the sandbox, because the sandbox implies the rules that are set by the players, not the developers. The developers only provide a tool. And this change in gameplay is primarily a rule, a framework.
    • @Nikky…n%20the%20game's%20world.
      I quote "A sandbox game is a video with a gameplay element that gives the player a great degree of creativity to complete tasks towards a goal within the game, if such a goal exists." That goal could be anything. For me it was crafting my 8.3 set. For you, it could be getting 100m PvP fame. For someone else it could be becoming a billonaire. How players accomplish their goals is solely up to them. Their path and decision making is not tied to a quest system.

      Sandbox does not imply that the rules for the game are set by the players. Random PvP is not necessary a core aspect of a sandbox game. So even if a game is lacking in random PvP, it doesn't mean that it's no longer sandbox.
      The devs of albion online have decided that random pvp should be the core aspect of their game. They made Albion PvP oritanted by establishing certain rules which promote PvP activity - open-world PvP in every high tier zone & PvP looting. These rules are what made ganking a common thing in the game. Now that the devs are changing certain rules which directly harm a vast number of gankers they are bound to receive a cryout and lots of negative feedback.
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    • Уважаемые разработчики, не нужно делать закрывающиеся подземелья, эти самые подземелья добавляют напряжения при прокачивании, игра же ориентирована на PVP - хочешь жить, борись за существование. Я надеюсь вы прислушаетесь и не пойдете на такой шаг.
    • Myelinated wrote:

      Boompak wrote:

      Closing Solo Dungeons are a great update. Now solo players will be able to get fame, and everyone will be able to get pvp in cursed dungeons. In group dungeons in 98% of cases there is a scout, which means that diving is almost impossible, the same situation is with Avalonian dungeons. Why shouldn't there be a safe fame for solo players?
      There is Safe Fame farming in yellow zones, the point of BZ is risk vs reward, not just reward.
      while players in groups get safe leveling thanks to the scout. solo players get killed in solo dungeons, it's not fair. Or make it risky for groups to gain fame, and ban scouts and the entire group that uses them. As groups gain fame in the Outlands without risk, this should be an option for solo players as well.
    • illusory wrote:

      Уважаемые разработчики, не нужно делать закрывающиеся подземелья, эти самые подземелья добавляют напряжения при прокачивании, игра же ориентирована на PVP - хочешь жить, борись за существование. Я надеюсь вы прислушаетесь и не пойдете на такой шаг.
      Чувак.. Называть "ПВП" когда тебя почти дохлого со скиллами в КД забирают 5+ рыл на боссе могут только полные деграданты..
    • here it is more likely that divers need to cry, because the whole location rushes at them and it is they who are beaten by 10+ players ... and the divers themselves have more than 4 in a solo dungeon, I repeat, I did not see it.

      Trelina wrote:

      Нужна какая то другая защита от конченных дайверов 1х3(5). Например чтобы в портал могли зайти 3 человека
      а мне кажется, что нехорошие тут наоборот капалки, которые толпами на поверхности за 1 пк гоняются

      @Apotosariel yes, because half of the children are now kicked out of the sandbox ..

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    • Reef wrote:

      Next whining of carebears will be about getting loot from Solo dungeons to city.
      SBI make teleport to town from dungeon last boss pls, so children can get their loot back in safe, There is no fair fight and a lot of gangers on the surface
      I think the kids here are just a bunch of gangsters compensating for their cowardice and failure in real life. And people who want a comfortable and quiet game - this is just an adult established personality. And Yes. They don't mind pvp. They are against idiocy. In any case, you "hardcore pvp players" remains the ability to kill 20 against 1 th on the surface and on transitions. So I don't know what to cry about.=)
    • There was a lazy yet reliable way to get fights in them: you just go in, wait for divers and fight. Now it is not an option it seems, even if in RoA they don't close, the population won't be nearly as big as active BZ or one of the most active RZ at any point.
      It was garbage, but so is this game in terms of solo experience.
      Protip: rat circus aka corrupted dungeons will be much worse for pvp.
      If you had a half of brain you would just make it possible to dive FROM and other corrupted dungeons normal (now closed) ones. And put one player limit on normals as well.
      But looking back at all of updates so far, that would be too smart for ya, no offence.

      So, more zerging, exiling solo dudes and small groups in RoA, deflation of BZ resources, silver and fame.

      You want people neatly packed in your designated concentrated camps zones, playing The Only Correct Way and so on, but this is not sandbox then, shitty plastic granules and any paddle is deeper with an overseer who holds nerf whip and shouts at everyone who doesn't march as intended.

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    • dear developers, albion is a very interesting game, which makes it so because of the presence of an RPV anywhere in the world. your patches only kill interest in the game, restrictions on freedom of play in the sandbox. if you don't want your players to be disappointed in the game, give them decent content and don't turn the game into a casual adventure game. hopefully you will be prudent and not introduce this terrible dungeon update.
    • Reef wrote:

      KaZaP wrote:

      who want a comfortable and quiet game
      Just play wow or another pve grind game. This is pvp based game.
      I like pvp too. And i want to play this game coz its fun. But i ask u smth.. Dont call "PVP" when u kill 1 person by party of 5-10 players, while this person on boss with low HP ans skills CD. This is not PVP.
      I just want some time to grind. And some time to fight (and not 1 vs 20 ofc). I dont want to fight or grind all time. But that must be my choice. Is it sandbox.? So i can be killed on surface. Anywhere in BZ. By "true hardcore pvp players" who can only kill 20 vs 1 newbie.=)
    • SBI if it happens, change yr game name to Casual Online, idk...its a terrible news for me, i probably died too many times in solo dungeons, but if i have a problem with money im find a new way to earn it: black market, join to guild and dive other players, ganking, ask the guild teammates for a loan, fights in hellgates. Many ways how to find the money, thats all we love about Albion Online. How did u say, SBI? Its a SANDBOX, don’t restrict our freedom of choice!

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