(renting) 11 farm plots' package in Caerleon 1,5kk per month

    • (renting) 11 farm plots' package in Caerleon 1,5kk per month

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      So, in order to put those plots to a better use I am renting those plots out to interested parties.

      This is perfect for you if you want to increase your daily farming output or temporarily increase the daily fame gain on one of your farmers.

      I currently offer one type of lease:
      • private island rental combo
        • 11 farms (3 different Private Island)
        • 1.5 Million Silver / 30 days
        • location: Caerleon
      How do start renting?
      1. send me a pm ( abusnador#5494 ) or via forum that must include:
        • your character name
      2. once we exchange the payment I will add your nam to the island and your lease is good for 30 days
      If you would like to use those plots for herbs or mounts, that is possible- I'll give access also to a t4 chest in one island and a t4 ox - all complimentary);

      In this moment the plots are addressed as pastures.

      All islands are located in Caerleon. No exceptions - sorry.

      (credits to Bogul)