Suggestion for capes

    • Suggestion for capes

      Hello! Id like to propose some small changes for the faction capes.

      I have essentially two proporsals.

      First: Make all them scale with tier, so the % values get reflected as we improve the tier of the cape. For ex, Martlock's Shield of Protection is 50% right now. It could be like, 40% T4, 45% T5, 50% T6, 55% T7, 60% T8. This way we get some acomplishment aside from bulking the ip from the cape. It could be applied to every cape, and I think T6 should be the point where we are at right now, lower should be weaker and higher should be stronger.

      Second: Make the ENCHANTMENT on the cape reduce the cooldown. Simple as that. Baseline CD for all tiers, reduced CD based on the enchantment level. This way we prevent staying on the same system of T4.2 cape > everything.

      Some possible things to tinker: Fort Sterling Cape is not a % based cape, but we could tune it with some small changes like "heals you for 3-4-5-6-7 % of your health when activated" (keeping also the old effect). Damaging capes can get the same treatment with flat damage increase based on tier and CD reduction based on enchantment. Undead cape treshhold could be adjusted based on tier, etc.

      Any toughts?