What is 'Lag Death'?

  • What is 'Lag Death'?

    Lag Death is when you die in Albion Online due to a connection interruption, not something resulting from human error.


    The reason it's a problem, is because you have to pay repair costs regardless of the cause of death.

    The higher tier, quality & enchantment level your equipment has, the higher the repair costs are.

    This effectively means Albion Online players get punished for leveling up, buying better gear & risking using it.

    The solution is to use the lowest tier and lowest quality, lowest enchanted gear you can find, to keep your repair costs low.

    This makes the concept of leveling up & progressing in Albion Online absolutely pointless, because you do not keep the stats when you unequip armor, the stats are based on what you currently have equipped.

    If you are wearing T4, you are currently a level T4 player. The only exception to that is having specialization past T8 in a type of gear, which acts as a kind of stat overflow.

    Monsters are still able to do power attacks on you if you get disconnected DURING an ABILITY CAST.

    Apparently this must remain the way it is, because if it were changed to be how it works in other MMORPGs (take no damage if disconnected), Albion Online players would unplug their internet to intentionally disconnect their game client from the server when they are about to die, to avoid taking damage.

    This is an absolutely stupid situation, and I would like to see SBI do something about it. Come up with some kind of solution to this. I do not know the solution to fixing that, but I see it as a game design flaw, and one that players are penalized for on a daily basis.

    I'm not criticizing SBI hatefully, I actually like this game and the company a lot, and would like to continue buying gold and premium subscriptions, but it gets more illogical to do so when you have to put up with something that is equivalent to a glitch, and damages gameplay.

    All I can do is come up with a workaround, until SBI make some kind of change to it.
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  • Didn't die this time, but this is simply proof of being disconnected mid-combat. At least let us establish THAT as a fact. I can't be the only player it's happened to.


    Notice the red bar, that is an Ability Cast bar. The disconnection happened during an ability cast.


    How can it say 'Expedition Started' if I'm not at the entrance? Think about that.
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  • If you don't kill a monster before the server disconnects (or whatever it is that happens between the client and the server) You're screwed.

    Then it just comes down to, let's hope your gear is not too good, or you will have to pay ridiculous repair costs.

    This is NOT acceptable for a professionally released game. I'm sticking with it, but what the absolute **** is that about!

    If it's not the player's fault you shouldn't have to pay repair costs.

    If the game can't be changed in a way that will stop monsters attacking you while you aren't even online (just because combat was initiated before the disconnection, and before the monster's health hit zero)

    Then change the repair cost situation.

    If you can't change the repair cost situation because you want the economy of the game to be a certain way, then at least provide a scroll of repair as a part of the possible drop list from monsters, just like Adept's Tome Of Insight.

    That way at least we won't have to pay every time we have a single death to mobs.

    No joke, if the server disconnects while you are in combat, a Crazed Foul Rat can kill you. Even if you are in full tier 8.3 masterpiece.

    When you try to log back in, you might get "Someone is currently logged in on this account."

    Then the only way back in is to close the client completely, and restart it from the launcher, or wait about 10 seconds and click login again. The amount of time that takes could be enough for a rat to kill you in tier 8 gear, what the hell is that.

    The only reason that hasn't happened to me is because I won't allow it to, I wouldn't risk that gear vs a rat with a network connection like that.

    Yes I'm playing on WiFi, but I recently upgraded to fiber optic cable at the start of the year, so I came back to Albion to test if it was better and it's the same regardless. Even with a connection upgrade.
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  • TO SBI

    I do not agree with the repair costs on every death.

    Please, be objective and answer this question.

    Is it possible for a player to have a death in the game that is not due to a lack of player skill, but being unable to process any commands or actions because of a disconnection either client sided or server sided.

    If that is even possible, it is therefore reasonable to request that players are not punished by repair costs in every situation.

    I do not have any way to determine if the game will have a detrimental disconnection before I attack a monster, but if it happens during combat, I will have to pay repair costs.

    This is something that is actually making it pointless to play the game, because if I am trying to play the game to make in game silver, and i have to pay repair costs that put my silver into debt, I am better off not trying to do anything combat related, to save money by avoiding any repair costs.

    This makes it more sensible for me to play a different game that will not punish me if I have a disconnection during combat.

    PLEASE listen to me.

    I pay so much real money to SBI because I really love this game.


    I even quit for 6 months because of this exact same issue, but since I enjoy this game so much I decided to come back to Albion.

    Now just now I tried to do an expedition, and I got disconnected during combat, and my repair cost was 2k silver under the price of a tier 4 royal sigil.

    I tried ANYWAY to go back and do the expedition, but I got disconnected on my first attack, did not log back in dead, but I decided to quit the expedition and write this ticket instead.

    If the player has a lag issue (remember you did make a 'rubberbanding boots' item in the past about past lag issues, so it's not like this isn't something that's never happened to players before - but I am not necessarily blaming SBI for my poor connection, ideally I would be on a hardline not WiFi, but please understand, I have about 20 other games installed right now and they are mostly mmorpgs which require me to be online, and yet I'm choosing Albion, even though the other games will not penalize me with in game currency if I have a disconnection.
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  • I would like an SBI Game Developer to respond to this thread please.

    If you don't I will assume you don't care if I stop paying for premium and buying gold from SBI. Is that the case?

    I'm stuck, I can't do anything because there is lag during a cast.

    The reason my character is using tier 4 equipment not tier 6 is to reduce the repair costs.

    I have had this happen to me TOO many times now. I just logged on today, and instantly had a lag death on a mission I have completed over 1000 times.

    Why on earth are players expected to just suck this up?

    I accept any fail if it is my fault, but this is not the player's fault.
    Generally this community shows a lack of empathy, so I'm not interested in responses here that have a lack of empathy, I only want to see a response from an SBI dev, or at very least SBI game chat moderator (Blink/Sturmwulf etc)

    This is a joke.

    All I am asking is that someone who represents SBI will respond to this and accept that this situation is causing players (not just me) to have to pay repair costs when it is no fault of their own.

    I'm gonna go play Black Desert Online instead today..

    Please respond SBI. I've had enough.
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  • So here's what I've decided to do to survive this lag death situation.

    Every time it happens, I'll just go gather the repair cost back.

    I believe my point still stands though.

    Even though I didn't quit, AGAIN, even though I didn't choose to play Black Desert Online today,

    players should not have any repair costs if they die because of a lag.

    I would like an SBI representative to acknowledge this thread.

    I'm very serious about this, I am not 'trolling' at all. This comes down to whether or not it makes sense to play Albion Online and refer other players to it.
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  • So I've decided on a new build that does not require any 'casting', since that is where the problem is.

    If an ability activates instantly, there is a higher chance of avoiding lag spikes during a cast.

    It uses lifesteal on normal attacks, which means if there is any lag during combat, my character should still be receiving health back and possibly kill the monster while I am logging back in.

    What a weird system Albion has, that you can receive damage while offline, just because you started a fight before an unpredictable lag spike.

    NO other mmorpg I've ever played has that problem.

    Oh well.

    I opted for excellent quality with no enchantments, to maximize HP and minimize repair costs.

    The only purpose of this build is to quickly collect 18-19k worth of silver.

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  • This build isn't ideal for PVE but it does the job. I felt it necessary to post this because it's predictable some viewers of this thread will just put the original lag death down to a lack of skill. This proves I'm capable of beating this dungeon in gathering gear, not even an optimized build for this dungeon.

    My only concern is lag deaths. That is NOT the player's fault. It seems impossible to get this point across to anyone.

    Can't beat the dungeon in a build optimized for it (occasionally and unpredictably, because of lag spikes specifically during an ability cast - a problem inherent to the game design),

    but CAN beat the same dungeon in a build NOT optimized for it.

    Lag + deaths = unfair repair costs.

    That is all.

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  • I think I've figured out the problem.

    Lag Death is something that is more likely to be experienced by any player who:

    1. Does not live near the main Albion server location
    2. Uses WiFi
    3. Does not have Exitlag subscription exitlag.com/en
    4. Mages (because they have longer cast times than melee weapons)

    I have realised that I will NEVER have to worry about Lag Death, if using a Black Monk Stave, because it has Instant and 1 second cast times.

    I can safely use a highly enchanted set with high tier gear even with a wifi connection, no exitlag subscription purely because I'm choosing to use a weapon that has low cast times. Repair costs are not even a concern with this build.

    This leads me to the conclusion that this is game design flaw, and we as players are being expected to accept it and pay repair costs, regardless of what caused a death; lack of skill or lag & connection issues.

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  • I just learned something.

    You can use an emote to check if the server is connected to the client.

    This is a safe way to check if there is a lag before you initiate combat.

    If you press an emote button like /dance and nothing happens, you are about to be disconnected within the next 5-15 seconds.

    If the emote works, you can safely attack monsters without being disconnected mid cast.
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  • All jokes aside how would you determine if the "lag death" was caused by the players shitty rig/cheap internet or driven by some SBI hardware issue? If you truly always lag terribly which I assume you must based on this post of you ranting to yourself you might be better off quitting. I guess I am fortunate I virtually never have any sort of lag.
  • PenguinSniper wrote:

    I think I've figured out the problem.

    Lag Death is something that is more likely to be experienced by any player who:

    1. Does not live near the main Albion server location
    2. Uses WiFi
    3. Does not have Exitlag subscription exitlag.com/en
    4. Mages (because they have longer cast times than melee weapons)
    1. I lve far far away from Albion server.
    2. Ok i using a cable not a WiFI (but my friend use WiFi and he dosen't have similiar problems)
    3. I don;t using Exitlag
    4. Most i'm playing as mage with some exceptions.

    And I don;t have same problems as You... (mby couple yers ago i had but in that times Albion was RELLY poorly opimalizd)
    Also I don't know anyone who has the same problem, even on forum/chat You are the only person who i known to had thise issue...

    So mby You have potato PC? Your internet connection is transfered by hamsters?
    Yep Albion have some problems, it can be laggy, bad ping etc from time to time... But not in solo excpedition! In such a instanced zone it works almost like a offline singleplayer game...

    Check Your drivers, update OS, run antivir scan etc. beacouse its clearly problem on Your side...