Remove ganking altogether

    • Remove ganking altogether

      Since all of the nerfs to ganking and the intended nerf to the raven, I would suggest that claws should also be removed, alongside any and all tools for ganking (soldier boots fiend robes etc) since GANKING IS CLEARLY TABOO.

      I dont get it why the swiftclaw needed a nerf and horses need a buff, but fine I'll live with it, but then you go and nerf ravens as well? Like clearly you really hate ganking so just remove any and all tools connected to them so they may be used differently and so that the wild snowflakes can and will feel safe in the black zone and that they wont have any chance of death.

      Like imagine playing a full loot PvP game where people who hate PvP get to decide how PvP options should work

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    • If you need to rely on Ravens to get kills you aren't very good at ganking imo, the only ganking I've ever done has been with 2-4 people and we have generally been successful. I have no idea how these large groups of 10-25 people are "struggling" to gank.

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    • Tabor wrote:

      PvP and ganking are different things. They have not nerfed skill ganking whatsoever just the brainless shit that was allowed to exist for far to long.
      Ah, thanks! That's what I was gonna say.

      Street Fighter is pvp, right?

      But wait, let me have 34567 Zangeifs on my team

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