About the 1H dagger nerf.

    • About the 1H dagger nerf.

      Hi! I understand nerfing 1H dagger is meant to balance the PvE meta, considering it is the only weapon I know that lets the players to solo group content, but, if the healing is getting nerfed, shouldn’t the damage taken be reduced as well? Like, from 3% to 2%? Because, wouldn’t it result more harmful than effective to the players to use the combo? Thank you for your time and congrats for the anniversary ;) .
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    • >It needed to be nerfed so people don't solo the mobs in the roads of avo
      I understand that, but if they are nerfing so much the PvE aspect of the weapon, why don’t they provide a small PvP boost reducing the damage taken to effectively “balance” the weapon? It is one of the mostly kiteable weapons in game and its efficiency it’s extremely limited to certain builds that are PvE oriented, wouldn’t it be fair to boost a bit the PvP as well once the basic purpose of the weapon is ruined?
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    • Looker wrote:

      Where are you people getting those upcoming changes? Do heal gonna be removed completely or % nerf?
      It is in the NDA test server thread, they test this kind of changes and post what it’s more likely to change with the next big content update. 1H Dagger will provide only 50% heal against mobs, instead of 100%. The E deals 3% of the total player’s health as self-damage, my proposal is to decrease this amount by 1% (to 2%) so it gets a little buff in PvP, since it’s effectiveness in PvE is about to receive a hard nerf.
      Staff of Balance is not dead! Royal March was* :)

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