Suggestion: Make Masterpieces ignore dissaray

    • Suggestion: Make Masterpieces ignore dissaray

      Masterpieces are meant as a very rare "jackpot" craft giving the crafter that special much coveted item.
      In the game however Masterpieces doesn't really have a place that is remotely linked to their rarity.
      If you look at auctionhouses as well as the black market, masterpiece items are generally not much more expensive then its normal counterparts - with the exceptions of a few weapons.
      I want to make this change to add a easy implemented spice to crafting, and also added spice to gameplay meta without hurting the non zerg gameplay.

      The Change:
      Masterpiece items will ignore disaray. This goes both for weapons, but also armor passives that are affected by disaray like cc duration and healing debuff.

      What will it do:
      It will add a "wow" feeling to Masterpiece items as they deserve AND it wlll give crafters that extra jackpot feeling when making a masterpiece.
      It will achieve those great things without hurting the solo player or normal guilds as such, since the effect will only be present in large scale zvz fights.
      It will spice up the zvz meta as well, and it will make the masterpiece market soar.
      As masterpieces are very rare, the price on these will also go up, adding risk/reward parts to the gameplay.

      In closing:
      Its a seemingly small change, but the effect will be big both for crafters adding fun and excitement to crafting, and it will make masterpieces matter in the top tier zvz gameplay essentially making a cash funnel from top tier outland zvz guilds to the normal/casual crafters in the royals.
      Masterpieces will become a market, adding depth to Albion.
      And all of this is done without harming solo or small game in any way, since disaray is not part of their challenges - but instead they get a high value market for their masterpiece crafts.

      Make Masterpieces great again.


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    • ?.

      This is about making something cool out of crafting, and creating a cash funnel from the major zergs to the normal crafters.
      Its making a market for very rare items, that zergs would be interested in, that dont have value to the small guilds.

      Effectively making money for small guilds and crafters.

      Masterpieces are rare, and noone will be able to have any form of fixed comp based on masterpiece items.
    • Yea i got that, and it is good idea to make item with hight quality more usefull, and make low quality items - cheaper.

      But not this way, zerg debuff already can't do the job it made for. But you want to kill the entire conception of zerg debuff.

      It will be good direction to make MP great again. But not by zerg debuff removing for MP players, and not only for ZvZ.
    • Increasing demand in the black market is also a solid idea that would at least increase your sell value.

      I personally would like to see Masterpieces actually being used in the game, but increasing demand on ah would be great as well because masterpieces really lack that "YES" feeling to craft.

      Just checked BM for a couple mp items.

      T7.1 Great arcane
      Normal: 333.000 - 10 sold pr day.
      MP 353.000 - 1 sold pr month.

      7.3 witchwork staff
      Normal 1.5 mil - 1 sold pr week.
      MP no price, because over the last month it only accumulated 100.000 silver, which means it will take 15 months just to get to the "normal" price. Noone even trying to sell it (same goes for 7.2 actually).

      6.1 Royal robe.
      Normal 686.000 , 10 sold pr day.
      MP Noone sold the last month either.

      7.0 Merc jacket
      Normal 93 k 150 sold pr day
      MP 136k 1 sold pr 2.5 days.

      6.2 great frost staff.
      Normal 379k 7 sold pr day.
      Masterpiece no price as nothing sold the last month.

      As it is now, Masterpieces are not really great to use compared to their rarity, and you cant really sell them on the black market either.

      I think a masterpiece should be special, and that crafting or looting one should have a jackpot feeling and now it simply doesnt.