Some PVE Ideas

    • Some PVE Ideas

      I just can't use my high end (T7.3) items in RZs or BZs, it's just impossible. One can meet invisible gankers or big flagged groups and get easily hunted. So, what's the actual point of high end items if I can't use them on T6+ maps for better loot?

      So my suggestion is the following:
      Make a full PVE island somewhere, where players that HATE PVP can enjoy the game in PEACE. Or a shop item to protect equips and inventory items from being stolen upon death or a shop item to put a kind of 'shield' on a player, to avoid being attacked by players and stolen.

      People who like PVP, good luck, you have your PVP area, those who don't will have their own area to play in peace.

      At the moment it works the following:
      You go RZs, do some dungeons, get hunted, lose 2 hours of loots for high lvl groups/flagged guilds etc.
      You are only making old experienced players/guilds more powerful as I see, easy kill for them.

      I just want to use my high end stuff in peace in t6+ maps, think about it a bit. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only player looking for that option.
      I'm really bored of using T4, T5 normal crap in PVP area.

      You invest 100m on a full T7.3 MP set to go for crappy T5 loots ahh cmon.

      Are you waiting for players to get that 100m set and explore RZs? Hahahahaha... not giving experienced PVP players free money.

      Listen to the people that supports the game. Or you aren't getting any real money anymore. Thanks.
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    • I really don;t know why You "can't use" Your T7.3 gear in BZ...
      I'm going to pvp with 6.3 (avalon/relic) artefact and T8.1/8.2 non artefact items... When i faming i taking from time to time some T8.3 items... I can do it... So why You don;t?
      Ok i'm losing some of that set's... I'm not immortal, but it's part of the game :)

      So You not "can;t use HT gear" but You "can't afford yo use that set", it's quite a difference :P
      Albion is a full loot pvp game, so You always can lose Your gear, it's part of the game. But You can use that gear to fame, pvp, gather etc.
      Also You have a place when You canuse high Tier gear w/o risk of losing it... Hardcore expeditions... So if You are affraid to lose what You got just be a little careabear and go to HCE with that gear but don't force bad changes to OW part of the game.