capping 5v5 hell gates

    • capping 5v5 hell gates

      I saw a post from may 2019 almost a year and a half ago giving viable and easy methods to prevent a serious problem facing Albion hell gate community

      4 flat rats in teams of 5 or 2 entering hell gate and giving no content to the teams who enter 5v5 hell gate with the intent of PVP. now this is a problem because its already difficult to find content in Albion and its not fair to get denied content for an hour until you find a real team in hell gates.
      here is my proposed solution which could not be any easier.
      1. ip cap to enter hell gates
      2. party size cap to enter hell gate and protection when all 5 click on the hell gate portal so they don't get ratted.
      its not difficult please solve this.

      and why was there a non functioning update that prevented mob damage from getting reflected but still allowed a single player to enter a 5v5 hell gate through reflecting outside boss damage. is there a way to contact developers? how can I reach out for someone who actually can make a change in Albion?
    • Haha well this is all you can do my friend is post feedback on forums and hope for the best! As long as you keep the topics constructive and also include ideas to fix what you consider as issues occasionally the Devs will see it and take it into consideration. I can tell you though all these topics have been discussed at length already so we just keep up hope for change at some point.