Random solo dungeon map 4.1: Empty boss room

    • Random solo dungeon map 4.1: Empty boss room

      Few days ago I had weird experience in T4 uncommon solo dungeon (Undead). I got a 4.1 map from T5 dungeon which I used in blue zone next to Martlock. In that dungeon there was zero chests and the boss room was totally empty, no boss and no chest at all. First, I thought someone might been sneak pass me and rat the boss and the chest, therefore, I just left after I double checked the final room. Later I have wondered that I would notice if someone would pass me and if the number of players in dungeon would been more than 1. In addition, I guess there is some anti-rat mechanics that you cannot just kill the final boss and take the chest, right? I personally killed everyone else in that dungeon. Moreover, I did not actually get any chests which was really weird and there was not empty chest in that boss room either, those does not totally disapear and just stays there opened when looted, correct? It was just 4.1 map so I do not care if I got zero loot, but I presume there was something wrong with the dungeon layout.
    • I decided to test this out again with T4 map I got. This time the dungeon had two chest but I could not open either one because there was mobs still protecting those. That is quite interesting because I cleared the whole dungeon and even double checked the places. I have faced these solo dungeon issues just twice and both times I have used a T4 map. I have not faced these issues with T5/T6 maps, however, I have used about 10 of those anyway. I have 221 solo dungeon runs in total so I guess this cannot be just coincidence that the problems came ahead with the same maps.