A question about gathering after high Spec

    • A question about gathering after high Spec

      Hello folks!
      Just got T7 in wood, anda essa chopping some Pine Logs, when in mt loot table appears:
      +2 Pine Logs
      +2 Pine Logs
      +2 Gathering Yeld
      +1 Premium Bônus.

      I was Full T7 lumberjack, pie, and almost 30 Spec on pines. My question is: that Second +2 Pine logs, was from more of the 100% Gathering Yeld chance of the bônus set? And if It was, should not be showing as an accumulative of the Gathering Yeld Bônus? And, for that, should not tive more game, once that It gives more ressources?
      Since now, thanks for the suporte, and have a Nice game!
    • You get gathering bonus from: GEAR ( 70% t8 gear ), pork pie ( 15 % or more if enchanted) specs ( up to 50% ) avalonian tools ( 20% for t8 ) and in black zone you get extra gathering yield when the map is leveled...not sure how much more.

      At 100% you're will always get bonus yield ( you can reach it with t8 gear, pork pie and 30 spec )
      After 100% you'll get bonus yield and a chance of getting another bonus yield...but it always says: 2 + 4 + premium when gathering t4...or 1+2+premium.

      It does gives you more fame...i don't remember the numbers but I believe for t5 its 45 when getting bonus yield and 67 for getting 2 bonus or something like that.
      Shikady - La Supremacia