Game Bugs

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    • Errors appear during the fight, e.g.
      1. Red box is in a different place than it should be
      2. Without standing the red box you get damage as if it was there.
      3. every player is sees something different. my friend who I talk to TS told me that she ran away from the red field I could see that she was standing there so the game has to think about because either everyone has the same, or fob.
      4. Incorporating mutton stew food gives you nothing but the opposite reduces damage instead of zooming.

      that's it for now, and there is a lot of it
    • Hey there,

      regarding you still getting hit despite dodging the AoE Indicator: It is possible that, when playing on a high ping, and you just barely dodging the attack, you still get hit because the game still sees you at your old position, while your local client already moved further.

      I unfortunately can not reproduce Mutton Stew not giving you an attack bonus, this still works fine for me. Let me know if there's possibly something I overlooked.