Enable cluster qeueing from hideouts to allow people defending their home against zergs.

    • Enable cluster qeueing from hideouts to allow people defending their home against zergs.


      I am having the pleasure of being attacked of a megazerg, and currently the game mechanics stop fights from happening, and against the intention it is purely a numbers game instead of a fighting game.

      The core problem is the inability to rejoin a fight after first death, or after first cluster qeue zone out.
      Its not a problem that a superior number force attacks anything, but the game must allow the smaller army to actually defend themselves, and currently this is not the case.

      If you die you respawn in a hideout, and if you get clustered out, you go to a neighbour zone. however against the huge enemy this will be camped and you wont get back in.
      And if you fight and die, you get to your hideout, and you are unable to rejoin the fight.
      From a hideout you can generally get to a neighbour zone but you cannot rejoin the fight because the gates are camped.

      In order to allow the defenders to actually defend, i suggest that you can join the cluster qeue from the hideouts themselves. This way you can ensure that reinforcements can actually rejoin the fight, and under the cluster queue rules just like anyone else.
      As it is now, then the moment the defenders have their first death, its game over because you cannot rejoin the fight and the opponents can keep zoning in filling the zone ensuring no fight.

      I think everyone would prefer that fights happen after the first death, so please enable cluster qeueing from hideouts AND dungeons, also to stop zonelocking adjecent zones from being a key strategy as its really about preventing fights from happening which is wrong in every way.

      This link is nsfw due to language but shows the exact problem, that is literally destroying the game, because it shows that you just need to fill the zones and then you simply cannot lose.


      The game must allow the smaller defender, to actually defend - instead of having mechanics that makes numbers a "sure win". Its not about disaray, its not about numbers, its about being allowed by the game to actually defend.
      If the game doesnt allow you to defend, EVERYTHING will be about having a couple thousand grouping up to ensure owning all key terris without opposition.


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    • Limit cluster queuing from hideout to 1-2 times give it a cap how many times it can be done during prime time. Also I think it's obnoxious when those large zvzs become like a race to see who has more sets in their chests or reinforcements in nearby zones.

      Allow defenders to queue from hideout once or twice per prime time.
      Im więcej ludzi na ZvZ tym Surfy i Poe będą mniej hajsu chcieli za nie wyjebanie waszej ziemianki. Wojna Polsko Polska AO. Wesołe Ziemniaczki.
    • @Korn. There is no pretty solution, because its really about finding a way to get actualy fights under a zonecap limit.

      the cleanest solution i see is to simply only allow joining the cluster qeue from a hideout if you are in the same alliance as the hideout owner. Then you are part of a existing force, or you quit the alliance to circumvent - but it will only give you one extra army slot and you will still be under the alliance leave/rejoin rules.
      It could lead to having 5 hideouts, one from esch ingame alliance to abuse cluster qeue but that is no different from what the game allready encourages from the sides from the larger attacker

      another solution would be the shadow realm base thought, where zones next to capped zones will have a shadow realm option that you can only ride trough and not interact with, enabling anyone to be able to try and zone in, and those being zoned out will also have the option of zoning out to the shadowrealm and reqeue.

      there is no perfect solution, but when compromises are made it must be with rhe overal core value that its better to design for fights, than design that the mire players the less fighting.

      its really bad gameplay when you know that if you are zoned out due to cluster weue, then you are dead nomatter what and you wont get to rejoin the fight either and thus its really only about numbers and nothing else.

      @gmatagmis i would think that ba came up with the same arguments in the last war. As i see it, its now the second world war in a row that shows that numbers makes you win without fights, and it should be clear that its a disaster for a fighting game.
    • The fascinating thing is - each few weeks or days? Is a new idea how to improve the smart cluster queue, how zone locking and simply prevent fairness at all.

      This gets soon or some later implemented just to realize a few days or hours later, another workaround destroys some basic fairness to even give the defender a chance to show up..

      Now to the fascination, I admire the passion Korn and the other developer insisting to fix that in an open world fairness doesn't exist

      Unless you return to instanced fights

      In the old days, there was GvG - people had a goal they wanted one day be a GvGer.
      Small groups had a chance to at least hire mercenary to maintain something..

      Why on earth u not apply the principle of GvG which u still have in place for the most valuable thing in the game - the towns- and apply this principle to terrie control.. let the Zerg lock zones to launch but makes the defense instanced. 200 vs 200 on T8 zones. Defending alliance can load 200 people attacking can.. 100vs100 on T7 hard cap to 1300 IP, 75 vs 75 on t6 Cap at 1200, and t5 40 on 40 ipcapped at 1000 soft with 80%

      And let T8 launch be all time t7 50% of time .
    • What if, and I say again, what if the player base of a map would be based on the territories and hideouts?

      What I mean by that is:
      45% of the "slots for players on the map" are evenly splited for the Alliances that control territories/hideouts into that terry. If full, only people from those alliances can queue up in this position
      45% of the "slots for players on the map" are for normal people, non-members of those alliances. If full, only people from OUTSIDE those alliances can queue up in this position
      10% is leftover slots that work like normal cluster queue.

      So if you get 1000 ppl in your alliance you won't be able to have them on the same time on the same map.
      Small guilds/alliances would be able to defend their home because they would have a constant "share" of the % base player slots, since that is their home.
      I'm very aware that this may be exploited by teaming up with people outside your alliance to have more "slots", but I feel like it would be better than currently is.

      Just a brainstorm idea, what you guys think?