Red Zone PVP Question

    • Red Zone PVP Question

      I was in a red zone(Highbole Glen) gathering and I saw a few players(just blue names, not factioned) being attacked by a red(pvp flagged) player. I ran over to assist after one of them died but the pker had managed to remount. When I attacked the pker I got a message saying that I could not attack the player. Why is this? Am I not able to attack a red player in the red zone unless he attacks me first? Or was it an issue because he was mounted? I was not flagged or factioned at the time. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
    • Hard to say without seeing the scenario unfold.

      My guess would be something related to the conditionally flagged area by the Hellgate. If they started fighting there, and ran away from the Hellgate, something like that could happen.

      Do you recall if either/both names were blinking red during their fight?
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    • There was no hellgate nearby and their names were not blinking. It was just a pker with red name attacking blues in a red zone. After he killed one his hp got low so he ran and remounted. I had a bow so my auto didn't hit him until after he mounted up. That's when I got the message saying I couldn't attack the player. The other two blues continued to attack him on his mount. They were in a party with the one that got killed. I was solo.
    • Just to be clear. Under normal circumstances in a red zone I should be able to attack red players without them attacking me first? That was my main question. I haven't gone back to the red zone since this happened because I am unclear on this. I don't want to wait for them to hit me before I can hit back.