Armor Items that need to be Reworked/Tweak for Health of the game

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    • Armor Items that need to be Reworked/Tweak for Health of the game

      Items that ruin pvp, and need to be balanced.They either have too high of a power budget or requires the opponent to play chess while you play checkers.

      - Hunter Hood : The reflect is far to strong, i know its being tweaked now,but it still makes this list as tuning the percent down is not the way to go about fixing this problem.
      The problem here, is that the item forces you to stop attacking your opponent, when its seen.The counter of not attacking should not also be one of the hoods strengths.Its borders on parody, especially when most users of this hood, will use it as your casting abilities. Not much you can do about that but eat your own damage, or in the case that you see the reflect and you don't attack, your opponent just gave himself seconds of invincibility where he now gets to attack you for free.And it costed him nothing.

      -Cultist Robe - This thing is getting a hefty rework, but i will place it here just to fit the overall theme of this list.No one wants to fight against T pose of doom and thank god the devs are finally addressing it.

      - Guardian Boots - Inflating health in this game is a big no no, especially when you consider how health naturally out scales resistances in this game.Activating these boots , is like using the skill fear.Your opponent now has to switch his target, or run the risk of blowing his entire combo into a meat shield. This also guarantees that cloth users can forgo their low resistances and need to position well and kite, which naturally contradicts the balance in the game.Yes you can just walk away from it, but if your opponent is ranged your basically committing suicide when you do this.The lack of mobility is also not an excuse for its current design, as the game play still creates a situation where in, if your not using it in the predominant areas in which it is played you are heavily punished as a result.Your opponent didn't do anything to punish you other than randomly pressing a button, it needs to be reworked.

      Mage Robe - Infinite purges, sigh, what were you guys thinking.This one chest piece is responsible for putting many items/weapons in the game , right in the dumpster.Not only does it increase resistances but it continuously purges abilities,it is a on demand infinite purge with zero drawbacks, requires zero skill to use and as a result is literally everywhere in hellgates, becoming almost mandatory to have.I see you guys are tweaking the time it stays up, but what you fail to realize its not that people are just hitting it and removing their abilities/ can also force them to, some weapons like the normal bow will even bug out some time and coat the arrow in the purging shield , applying the purge even from ranged.Purges are very powerful in this game, as such they should be relegated to niche items, such as arcane weapons, and fiend cowl...etc.Not some cheap chest piece that not only has the highest damage stats in the game, but also allows for infinite purges.
    • - Hunter hood - 100% reflect is OP, nerf it a little around perhaps 70% or make you unable to attack while active or 2x the CD.... This thing needs drawbacks.

      - Cultist robe - Seeing the current planed nerfs seems this item will be ok. Meta needs to settle down a bit to see if nerf was overkill for this item.

      - Guardian boots - Is one of the most used boots, basically it 50% damage reduction for 8 seconds with small mobility boost. Just remove mobility boost and lets see what happens.

      - Mage robe - Well this is for all cloth armors, i.e 50% + damage and at the same time 50% heal is to much. There should be 2 separate cloth armor types, ones with damage bonus and ones with heal bonus, not both. Purge itself IMHO is not the problem.
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