Better distribution of leather gathers

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    • Better distribution of leather gathers

      Hi. If you are a leater gatherer, where do you like to gather t6 and t7? I think you would aswer in the forest, right? you can drop wolf and boar. Because of that, we see a bad distribution of gathers between forest and desert. Why would you rather to kill hyenas and rhinos if it dont drop puppies?
      Well, my solution is simple: To create hyena and rhino mounts. hyena would be equal as direwolf and rhino would be equal as direboar, or being different in some especifications.

      Going futher, we have some T4 and T5 mobs that dont drop anything too. Boar(T4), Monitor Lizard(T4), Bear(T5), Terror Bird(T5), Tiger(T5), Giant Snake(T5). This is another(or almost the same) problem, because leather is the most different resource in the game. You need to spend time killing the mob before to colect it. This difference is solved by the mount drop(t6wolf, mammo, t7boar ...), but as we can see, theres some mobs that dont drop mounts. How we can solve that? Its simple: to create puppies for the royal mounts(for these, theres no need to create new mounts, because we already have it in the game), removing the royal mounts from the royal traders, and putting "artifacts" in the place. So, to create a royal bear, for example, you will need to drop bear t5 puppy, and combine it to the royal bear saddle provided by the royal trader.

      I dont have idea how we can bring the bighorn ram mount for that scenario, because we dont have bighorn ram mob, and for snake mob too, because we dont have snake mount(its impossible to ride a snake lol)

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    • Yep, i liked the idea.

      I would go even further and get the pop drop based on the carving and not by killing the animal. (even though this is a little dark)
      So if you get a mob with only 1 hide you only roll once, if you get a mob with full stack of hide you can get more chances to get a pop.
      This will reduce the amout of people that just run around killing animals and leaving the carcasses without cleaning.
      That would help the people who actually skin and at the same time raise the chances to be ganked, since people wont be able to keep killing mobs and just run away until you get a pop.
    • Fusionbomb wrote:

      i prefer skinning in steppes... way more animals, and mammoth pups are worth 5-10x as much as the pups you listed
      But im talking about t6 and t7. When i clean the t8map, i go to the T6. But never to the hyenas, because wolfs can drop puppies. This cause a bad distribution. I dont see ppl gathering t6 in steppes as i see in the forest.

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    • Fusionbomb wrote:

      ViniColen wrote:

      Theres no T7 mammos anymore.
      that's true, but my answer remains the same
      if you're trying to gather t6, there are way more animals in the steppe... most of which are full, whereas direwolves are not usually full
      almost every wolf are full xD and theres a lot of wolf, i drop one puppie per hour or less. at least where i gather, they all are full. I gather between Fort sterling and lymh lock.
    • Tabor wrote:

      Desert has 2 droppable mounts and so does forest. Seems quite balanced. You are not suppose to be gathering for pups anyway that is just a side benefit chance.
      have u ever go to any t6 or t7 steppe map? how many hyeans do you seen dead? im not talking about t8, im talking where is unbalanced(T6 and T7). T8 maps are balanced, we have mammos in steppes, and we have in the forest, bear, boar and wolfs.

      Fusionbomb wrote:

      so if an individual is gathering for skins, it would make sense to go where the most hides are

      if they're trying to get pups, then it would make sense to go where the most pups would drop

      entirely different objectives
      Why would i prefer to gather hyena, if i can make the same amount of t6 skin with wolfs, and drop puppies? it doesnt make sense. i make a lot more money gathering wolfs than hyenas because i can drop puppies too ._. This is what everyone that gather skin think, and this is why noone are gathering in t6 and t7 steppe maps. im not talking about t8.
      If u are from ARCH, then makes sense if u arent seeing hyenas alive lol.

      The route is: Gather T8 in the steppe (mammo only, and some times, rhinos) -> Gather T8 in the forest (bear, boar and wolf) -> Gather T7 in the forest (boar, wolf) -> Gather T6 in the forest (wolf). I would lose 600k per hour +/- if i gather hyena instead of wolfs.

      Im not understanding your logic

      x + y > x (x= skin; y= puppy)