Asus Rog Phone 2 And Other Phone Incompatibility

    • Asus Rog Phone 2 And Other Phone Incompatibility

      Hi Albion Dev,

      First of all I really appreciate your work especially porting the game into mobile is such a hardwork and pure passion. I really thank the management and the whole team who are investing time and efforts to fix all the bugs and issues for android version. I Just hope that someday this will be fully compatible in our devices specially to my rog phone 2 and other devices like samsung S10. This game is really fun when playing in mobile and has a lot of potential to be the top of grossing in the market apps.

      However, just after the latest update, this game would be playable only for 5 to 20mins max on my phone due to a lot of crashing in random ways even in not crowded areas like blackthorne or eldon map. Some of the example scenario are the ff:

      1. Switching maps (eg. From blackthorne to martlock)
      2. Moving or walking into crowded areas
      3. Opening skill tree or appearance
      4. Opening inventory
      5. Going to market place or accessing the bank in martlock
      6. Fighting a mob
      7. Etc...

      Please take full action according to the mentioned scenario, i hope this will help the tester and the developer to replicate and fix major issues.

      I am a premium user will still continue supporting Albion Team. Keep it up! clap clap clap