Cluster Queue: AKA Zone Capping with extra steps

    • Cluster Queue: AKA Zone Capping with extra steps

      The key issue here isn’t the fact that we have a shitload of numbers, it’s the fact that we don’t. Due to arch refusing to disband our alliance do decrease our debuff cuz we like playing with our friends we get Zerg debuff from members queueing into zones as well as a smaller % apportionment in the fight for only having 1 alliance. Example there are 250 enemies and 150 arch in a zone. The enemies are 5 groups with 50 each and arch is split between 75 and 75 for its 2 subdivisions. Those 75 each have 100 more in the next zone providing debuff to them from queueing in while the enemies only have 20 each queueing in. This means with zone at capacity the enemy has 250 people with 70 people worth of debuff while arch has 150 people with 175 people worth of debuff. We can handle being queued out our debuffed but we can’t handle the debuff from queue against being outnumbered. If there are only 20 spots left in the zone for arch and 200 guys are trying to queue into those 20 spots the 20 guys who get in have 200 people worth of debuff. That’s why this is zone cap with extra steps.

      Reverting back to the point where cluster queue doesn't contribute to zerg debuff while in queued in an adjacent zone would be preferred or at the very least mitigating factors do deal with this very real situation that has emerged, maybe counting everyone in queue as some fraction of a total person about 6/10ths?