[Release] Unofficial AlbionOnline-Wiki discord bot

    • [Release] Unofficial AlbionOnline-Wiki discord bot

      Welcome aowiki! The unofficial Discord bot that searches directly from Albion Online Wiki !

      Invite aowiki to your discord with this link. It is light, does only one thing and does not require any useless permission.

      The results are limited to 5 and the bot does not display the content of the articles to avoid bloating the discussions. Enjoy!

      Note: I plan to release on top.gg as well.

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    • Dream collapses, the hosting service I use for my bots is not so nice after all...
      I can't afford the fees to run all the instances of an army of bots for 24/7. The consequences are that the bot won't be live anymore.
      Sorry for the inconvenience. If someone else is interested to take over, I can share the link of the code, it's on Github.