Current Mobile Crash/Freeze Issue Reports

    • Hi.
      I've been watching for almost a year this forum about the crashes and freezing issue, but i can't recall any announcement about what is planned to do about it, except for the poll.
      Devs, is there any project to solve the mobile version problems?.
      By the way, i freaking love the game, and that is why i'm concerned about the mobile version troubles.
    • EmperorMoh wrote:

      Dr.Zoster wrote:

      I play on mobile, sometimes the game crashes after loading screens and even tho there are some freezes, the first teamfight of an arena always freezes my screen, it kinda sucks.
      This is why i avoid red and black zones. A freeze or lag at the wrong time equals bye bye inventory.
      I feel you, yesterday I entered corrupted dungeons for the first time and I died a few times against bosses because of freezes, luckily I didn't get dove because that would be a pain...
    • Good Day Everyone,

      I believe this is my 1st or 2nd post all-time for the Albion Community, but i'll be brief.

      I've been playing Albion Online since Spring 2020 -- and as a PC gamer this MMORPG platform via Unity 3D has been a pleasure to play... FOR FREE. I've only paid for 4 months of Premium on again off again in that time, and have had a 6 month hiatus at the start of 2021.

      That being said, seeing the numerous updates on PC/Desktop-client before the official launch of Mobile-client of this game -- I completely empathize with both consumers and Sandbox Interactive (SBI) content creators and customer service folks.

      • Suggestions for SBI folks: Have a more indepth user feedback form. I took a glance at the Google Form that's currently up (URL shared by Merkur) and it could use some additional fields for troubleshooting what each mobile phone device, mobile phone OS, and overall "situation" each user has found themselves in when the game crashes.

      • Suggestions for Albion Online folks: Have some patience. Without going into too much detail, I've been on both sides of being a developer of a product and a user of a product. If you have the ability to play on Mobile and PC -- compare your experiences of both when sharing issues needing troubleshooting.

      • Additional Suggestions for SBI folks: Welcome a new team of mobile client & PC game testers that get some sort of compensation for their time in sharing details about bugs and issues needing fixes. As someone who accidentally paid for premium in 2020 for 3 months without almost any explanation of how to cancel or pause my subscription, I'm certain SBI can afford to give users in-game rewards via premium content or real-world rewards (not literal silver and gold, but some type of money) for supporting the SBI team in identifying various issues...

      Last thing I'll say. There are some maps near Martlock and Thetford that have serious bugs since I started playing again. Namely, there are squares in the map that are "floating"

    • Lieren70 wrote:

      it would be nice if they would at least respond to issues. I submitted a report 3 days ago and nothing. IOS user newer iPad, software up to date, go to access the map and the game crashes.
      Hi there,

      If your iPad is still crashing even after you updated it to the latest version, please send to the supoort team the crashlog ".ips" file: it can be found under "Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics & Improvements -> Analytics Data" and the ips file starting with albiononline.

      Also, please wait for a reply from the support team after you send your update. Everytime a ticket is updated it's sent to the end of the queue.

    • New to albion here originally I was playing on PC but now I started playing on my Ipad (Ipad air 6th generation). When I open up my game I can play for 5 mins straight and then crash, currently Im in mountain cross II. It says in app store that my Ipad is compatible with this game, and its quite obvious that albion doesn’t high graphics usage. I hope someone can reply to this post and let me know what I can do to fix this.
    • There's some problems I think need resolve in the mobile version:

      -Loading screens take too much time. This makes it impossible to group up with pc players around the world because they must wait ~20 sec on average when entering a new zone. It also might cost you your items in BZ/RZ.

      -Joystick skills bug when you get cc'ed while aiming. The skill remains aiming even when you don't have your finger on the screen, so you must tap twice (1 to cancel and another one to use the skill you wanted).

      -Buttons are too small, we need to be able to customise the size of the IU since phones and fingers are smaller/bigger between different people.

      -Skills are too clumped up, specially chest, food and poison, it's normal to missclick in the middle of a fight.

      -Again, IU is too small so that reading names, seeing castbars and seeing buffs/debuffs takes too much tunnel vision.

      -Need an option to completely remove zooming, sometimes it randomly zooms in while walking+checking a menu. Very uncomfortable.

      -Tap targeting needs improvements, it requires surgical precision.

      I think that's everything I come up with. However, I first tried the game when it was android beta and the experience is much more smooth, but it still needs a ton of improvements. Keep up the good work.
    • Greetings everyone.

      First of all I want to thank Developers about finally rlease on IOS. After 2014 this update made me to come back.

      Everything really runs smooth but i notice 2 things need to be fixed.
      1. When there is big scale Fights like ZvZ sometimes nametags not loading. You see characters are moving but there are no name tags. Its not connection issue because my ping was 30-40 whenever i was testing. No any game settings low-graphics nor high-graohics fixing it. After testing a lot of things i figures out one thing. When names not loading you just quickly open and close game setting tab and names are immediately showing up. So it makes me thibg that its some mobile version issue need to be fixed otherwise its impossible to follow your team in ZvZ.

      2. Application Albion online has no Background Refresh on IOS platform.
      whenever you minimize game for maybe 4 seconds to join call in discord your are kicked from party or maybe logged out. So there could be one fix for it in IOS settings you should be able to manually add any game/application but Albion is not in the list.
      Whenever feasible, one should always try to eat the rude.
    • Hi devs, sorry for any errors as I'm using Google translator.

      I'mhavingcrash problems on loading screens (not all) on Android, my phone is compatible but I still can't play.
      I've tried to put the graphic options at the minimum and even download apk but nothing solved. please help me and thank you