Current Mobile Crash/Freeze Issue Reports

    • Current Mobile Crash/Freeze Issue Reports

      Hello Albion community,

      we are aware of the current crash and freeze issues on mobile devices and apologize for any inconveniences you may be experiencing resulting from them.
      It's our goal to identify, mitigate and ultimately fix the related issues as soon as we can, so all of us can enjoy Albion on mobile as it is intended.

      If you have a moment, please help us out by filling out the following form:

    • When will the developers be addressing these issues and optimizing the game for android? With the new controls for android I honestly prefer to play on Android but it sucks when your game freezes and your in the middle of a red or black zone so you close the app restart it login only to find you back in city naked :/ this is unacceptable. The game shouldn't be this demanding you guys simplified your game so it could run on Android so make it run good on Android.
    • Freezing issue and some fixes that i would propose

      Hi devs,

      I USE JOYSTICKS there are some problems that you must fix to let us play the game on mobile properly these are;

      -FREEZING/ After the newest update, freezing problem seemed to occur tiny bit less than before. However in cities i freeze again like before. I join arena fights like every after 2 fights when i accept 3rd fight and arena map loading i get crash and when i log in back my team already like 70/114 losing and they gave up at that point they are either afk or just cursing at me..*THANKS

      -CHAT BOX/ You totally broke the chat screen. I can not move it, make it bigger or smaller. Randomly works or doesn't. I have to click all over the chat box to make it work and it drives me crazy *Yes THANKS
      Also, you made it harder to click peoples' names i can not whisper them easily i have to click 10 times on screen. You made it very diffecult for me to build groups for dungeons.
      since i can not right click at names, i can not check their stats or ignore them block them etc...
      The letters are too tiny i can not see anything i litterly lost my eyes in 1 month of playing your game which i will send you my eye surgery bill...

      -MAP ISSUES/ When i play like 30 mins or going in city bank than market if i open world map game freezes.
      i can not pin on mini map to show my location or anything on phone

      -FIGHTING/ HEALING ISSUES/ when i try to heal myself i have to click 3 times to healing and pick an enemy to heal myself.
      I can not pick people's names and check their items before getting too close. People use 1 key on computer and they can pick targets with clicking on names too... A total disadventage. I dont know what my enemy wearing.
      -SKILL CASTING PROBLEMS/ i can not cast teleporting boot to south east and some other skills as well. I can not use teleport boot in arena game picks right side for me because I can't teleport right side.
      AOE skills are impossible to cast near your character. It picks farest location and when u try to scroll near your character it is very diffecult to cursor.

      -SKILL INFORMATION SHOWING PROBLEM/ after picking a spell on an item lets say chest piece. i have to click either top of the spell's circle or buttom to see its information.
      I can not check my buffs under my health bar when i try it goes top of screen and keeps blinking.

      -CLOSING FORCE ATTACKING MODE/ I can not close force attking because it randomly picks trees rocks cottons openning dead boddies etc... when i click attack.

      -EATING FOOD BY MISTAKE IN COMBAT/ i dont know how but i have played mobile legends, arena of valor, and many other games COD online etc. i have never miss clicked spells but in your game i eat all my food by mistake in combat. Can not tell you how but when i put 6 food i use 4-5 of them in arena fights by mistake i dont even notice.

      -GAME LOADING MAPS SLOWER THAN PC/ when in dungeon bank market switching cities passing by gates it takes forever to load. Either my friends leave me alone after dungeons, or they start to fight to protect me until my screen comes and YES enemy sees me standing there for 10 15 seconds... I can not go black zone because when i return to GATE maps i lose my shield until my screen comes n they attak me before i get a chance to click on invisable....

      -SPELL EFFECTS NOT APPEARING/ ok so when i log in game lets say i use blazing staff and cast fire tornado i see the tornado but after some minutes of playing all effects are gone... i can not see any spell effects anymore.
      This problem is also made me fear of lightining traps in dungeons and that undead monster throwing poison on ground and spitting poison we dont see them. Alll the phone players are dying to these 2 monsters :D :D if you don't believe me ask any people in game if phone players are randomly staying on those poison till dying or not...

      So that is my 2 cents for rightnow i have encountered many more problems however i can not remember them rightnow.

      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
    • Android client freezer.

      continuous freezing, correction please ... if you are capable, because and from the first day that runs badly, I understand the work behind it, but this is unacceptable, because you do not offer the service that you should guarantee.

      xiaomi read mi note 9 pro
    • Please Dev fix for Android 10

      I died in dungeon ,im on flag,because im re login,knock out by mob ,and killed by player with flag ,because client crashing and frezeee ,im t8 ,and them t6 2 people,and im so angry because this , please help android player dev
      I played on pocophone F1
      Snapdragon 845
      How ?

        419.25 kB, 1,080×2,246, viewed 655 times
    • Hi everyone,

      As I mentioned in this post: Queen Patch #11 - Mobile Player Feedback If you're still experiencing any game freeze or crashes, please take the time to fill out the survey form here:

      This is what the form looks like and the rest is pretty straight forward. So kindly share your feedback so that the Developers can investigate it.

    • Hello, I am currently experiencing a problem about the Android version of the game. Since the new patch the game keeps crashing it won't even last 10mins, I already tried different resolutions but it keeps crashing ,
      hoping for actions about this problem

      Yours truly,
    • I want to add to this I have amazimg internet play call of duty all day with no lag. When I do dungeons my character takes for ever to attack and skips all over the map. Another thing I have a gaming phone, this game doesn't require a whole lot to run at good quality but it eats up my battery like its nothing. Doesn't make sense to me. Im only running on 60hz.
    • Hi!

      My game crashes due to too many players inside of a city. Please add option to hide all players.
      Regardless of settings, resolution I have tried different ones it happens when I am walking through the city and it's more than 100 players it feels like the device can not handle additional players models popping up.

      Android 7.0
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