Ice Cream Society- Dominating the Roads Of Avalon(Eng,Lymhurst,ALL TIMEZONES)

    • Ice Cream Society- Dominating the Roads Of Avalon(Eng,Lymhurst,ALL TIMEZONES)

      Hello all, Eco here from Ice Cream Society. With all the new updates planned for the Roads Of Avalon we have decided to take our small guild and focus on this content in the future.

      But before that all releases and until then I'll list all that is available to you if you join our new and growing guild, As well as a few things we are looking to add to our roster.

      1. Crafters (All kinds)-Currently we hold one master crafter who is responsible for making most of the gear for guild members, would like to add a few more here for future endeavors.
      2. Gatherer's (All kinds)- Gatherers are not taxed on their materials collected, however there will be incentives to donate when certain projects arise.
      3. PvP Expedition volunteers (BZ, ROADS)BlackZone- Current project is to build a hideout. The Road- Would be unlocking paths and locations for the guild
      4. Settler's(ROADS)-Looking for individuals who are ok with settling out in the mists for a certain time period after new update.
      5. General PvP (Small group, open world, HG, Dungeon Diving)

      1. Reimbursement plan for lost mounts and gear during official PVP events
      2. Crafter's and gatherer's will be supplied with food's needed for their profession
      3. Key position(s) within the guild are still needing active players to fill the role
      4. Fresh guild, Great for those that want to build from the ground up
      5. As members increase, contests and events are in the planning already as well.
      6. Low tax, At the most our tax rate will be at the highest 30%(Currently 20%)
      7. Members are both dedicated and active in guild, build worthwhile friendships.
      8. We are part of the GXC alliance, 100+ members who participate in everything from gathering to faction warfare.

      18+ guild(strong language, etc)


      Currently seeking members so requirements to join are not very strict. However to gain membership status within the guild, and with it all the benefits of the guild, you would need.
      1. 5 million total fame
      2. Be active within the world of Albion while in the guild for 30 days
      Discord will be a requirement to join, follow the link and post in our new-recruits tab to apply. Simply post your game name and what role you would like to fill in the guild if any. Some one will direct message you from there. (Example) Username:EconomyCheese Role:Crafter

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