WYLD STALLIONZ -- Air Guitar Included!

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    • WYLD STALLIONZ -- Air Guitar Included!

      Stats: Guild Island, Discord, 1% tax, US Timezone, English Speaking, Dedicated Teammates

      Who we are:
      I started this guild with the intent of ending up in the Black Zone in a little fort of our own. We require Discord and members to be 25+ years old.

      Our goal is to hang out, relax, have fun, and progress in the game together. I've joined those guilds with 21+% tax in the Blue and Yellow zone and experienced being taken advantage of. This guild is not like that. Any profits the guild comes upon will be purposed by group agreement or payed back to all members evenly as silver.

      Where we are:
      We're currently in Blue, Yellow, and Red zones out of Fort Sterling. We are still building the member base but are scouting BZ & BZ relationships.

      Join up and hang out! Reply here or whisper Heshvoon in game.

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