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      I've been playing for quite a while the game, settled in the black zone, done zvz, scout, grd, static.
      I'm not the most informed one but i feel that i know the game quite well.
      That being said, I still think that after Queens Update the loot system from mobs and chests still isn't as good at it could be. Specially from low tier dungeons (T4 to T6).

      Even as a higher tier, I've lost count of how many times I sneaked into a T6 to T8 dungeon in the blackzone and cleared as fast as I could and got nothing from the 3 or 4 chests. Not even a T5.1 + item. Just around 40k in gold bags and a few runes and souls.
      The risk of being dove for 3 or 4 people is always there and always happens in T7 and T8.

      I got a better income from Faction Faming in the reds/yellow than going Blackzone (that was supposed to be harder).

      And group dungeons are the same, even though we got the "script" of drop running more times, it certainly is better to farm in the Royals than going to black. And of course, either way a scout is mandatory.

      From each respective tier i feel like it is something like this:
      60% bad item
      25% ok item
      10% good item
      5% great item

      But i feel like something like below would bring a better loot feeling from the loots:
      90% to 150% bad item
      40% to 60% ok item
      5% to 7% good item
      2% to 3% great item

      So a t7 loot should pop way more often bad items for the tier (t4.2, t5.1,t6) more often ok items (t6.1, t7) and less good and great items (t7.1, t7.2, t8)
      and a t5 should pop way more often bad for the tier (t3,t4), more often for ok (t4.1, t5), and less good and great items (t5.1, t5.2 t6).

      This way you will get more loot from dungeons but you don't need to rely on 1 item that is half a million and the income would be a little more stable, plus there would be less dungeon-runs that u get absolutly nothing.
      And you won't drop a T6.3 from a T4 dungeon aswell.

      Either that or take the risk out of being dove by ppl in dungeons. But i think that being dove is a risk that shouldn't be taken, just the rewards for the ones that are clearing should be better.

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    • This is a lot of tech stuff, not worth to read if you are not into it.

      My suggestion is to tweak these values a little more, resulting in a lot more drop than usual, but with lower quality (so quantity over quality).
      I will first classify the items into drop values that are the rarity of the item, they will reflect the drop chances.

      art is short for artifact, capes are considered artifacts in this table.

      Item TierItem rarity value
      Tier 11
      Tier 22
      Tier 33
      Tier 44
      Tier 4 art5
      Tier 4.15
      Tier 4.1 art6
      Tier 4.26
      Tier 4.2 art7
      Tier 4.37
      Tier 4.3 art8
      Tier 55
      Tier 5 art6
      Tier 5.16
      Tier 5.1 art7
      Tier 5.27
      Tier 5.2 art8
      Tier 5.38
      Tier 5.3 art9
      Tier 66
      Tier 6 art7
      Tier 6.17
      Tier 6.1 art8
      Tier 6.28
      Tier 6.2 art9
      Tier 6.39
      Tier 6.3 art10
      Tier 77
      Tier 7 art8
      Tier 7.18
      Tier 7.1 art9
      Tier 7.29
      Tier 7.2 art10
      Tier 7.310
      Tier 7.3 art11
      Tier 88


      Below are a few examples from T4 to T6 (not real values but they are close)
      (this is basic drop chance, drop chances are affected by zone colors, premium and chest tiers, this would also affect mob drops)
      (the drop chances roll for each item of the tier, so may seem low but as it is rolling for each item in the end isn't that low)

      T4 dungeon
      Item Rarity valueCurrent Drop ChancesNew Drop Chances


      T5 dungeon
      Item Rarity valueCurrent Drop ChanceNew Drop Chances


      T6 dungeon
      Item Rarity valueCurrent Drop ChanceNew Drop Chances

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