Reputation Change

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    • Reputation Change

      I've been playing for quite a while the game, settled in the black zone, done zvz, scout, grd, static.
      I'm not the most informed one but i feel that i know the game quite well.

      Still, one of the things I would change is the Reputation System.

      I feel that the main reason that people complain is because of the pvp aspect, specially the non wanted one, be it ganking or being ganked.
      IMO tha could be solved be a rework in the reputation system.
      Buffs to positive reputation, debuffs for negative.
      Something like:
      - up to 25% bonus fame/loot for positive
      - up to 50% fame reduction/loot for negative
      and chances of breaking the gears of the killed based on the reputation.

      This would encourage a more rounded gameplay and even help smart ganking parties. Like they farming for Glorious rep before a t8 or ava invasion so they wont lose the gear from killed players. And would also punish players who abuse the ganking without much risk.