New Telegraphing

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    • New Telegraphing

      Just considering a telegraphing that would make some skills on NPCs take more effort to dodge while still giving some lenience. Right now if you want something to be hard to avoid, it has a really short telegraph, which is fine. But an alternate might be this:

      Have a telegraph with a Yellow area and the normal Red area.

      Yellow Area:
      While the telegraph is charging in the yellow area, the NPC will track the player. Circles will follow the player, arrow/axe lines will rotate to the player. The speed of the re-aim could vary by NPC/Ability

      Red Area:
      As it is now, the NPC no longer re-aims the ability and fires it off.

      What this does:
      - It gives players a warning that something is coming, but gives them less time to actively react
      - Unlike a simple quick telegraph, it gives players notice of when they'll need to react. This makes the yellow zone a pre-warning to needing to react and move.
      - It makes certain NPC abilities more tactical when it comes to dodging.

      Example 1:
      A skeletal archer begins charging an arrow line shot. 75% of the line is yellow, the last 25% is red. This means that for 75% of the charge period, the archer will attempt to aim at the target, turning to face them.
      The re-aim (the skeleton's rotation) could be slow enough that, up close, it's not hard to get out of, even while yellow, but further away, it gets harder, as you need to run further.
      However, the time left over after the yellow ends is quite short, so anyone in melee who didn't get out of it while it was yellow is likely to be hit, while those further away would still have time to dodge.

      Example 2:
      A heretic fire mage could create a circle on the floor that will explode. 50% is yellow, 50% is red. It re-aims quite slowly, following the player.
      The player can run out of it right away, but will have to spend extra time running to account for it following.
      However, if the player has a dash or blink, they can use the ability to move away quickly once it hits the red zone.

      These types of abilities would add more variance to how people dodge and make fights with NPCs vary based on distance, speed and reactions.
      It would also be a tweakable lever to make certain abilities stronger on more elite enemies, making a larger part of the telegraph yellow, speeding up re-aim, etc.