Opinion on the new destiny board design (Rise of Avalon)

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    • Opinion on the new destiny board design (Rise of Avalon)

      Hi there, i am a player from Hong Kong and started to player for few months with group of my friend. The game in going really good, however, i got some opinions that i wanted to express toward the new destiny board design of Rise of Avalon patch.

      As I read from the news that "artifact specialization nodes will be evenly distributed into the specialization nodes for the individual items in that node". me and my friend is glad to hear for the separation but we really concern is about the "evenly distributed" issue. This is because most of us only using 1 weapon inside the artifact specialization but not all of them, if evenly distributed in the future would definitely weaken our power and wasted 2/3 of our effort. Furthermore, we all invested all our extra combat fame in the aspect of artifact specialization to strength just 1 weapon, if divided into 3 or 4 in the future that would waste a lot of our combat fame.

      Me and my friend hope that is it possible to let our player to allocate our combat fame within the artifact specialization? That is more fair and free to choose for our original weapon. We are not trying to use those artifact specialization to other weapon but just want to focus on 1 item. For example, Artifact Sword Combat Specialist contain 3 kinds of weapon: Clarent Blade, Carving Sword and Galatine Pair. It would be great if player could choose 1 of the weapon just like Carving Sword for all the Artifact Sword Combat Specialist that he got previously, or 50% goes to Carving Sword and 50% to Galatine Pair.

      I hope my message could let you know about what our players think of and thank you once again for this great game.
    • it would be much easier to level a specific artifact to get the +2 specilazation per level artifact but after you get 100 spec leveling other artifacts will be much slower using combat credits unless you switch weapons.
      originally from my point of view when i first see the current destiny tree i thought to my self that artifacts weapons/armor have added Ip(25/50/75/100) base for the same tier would give it an advantage in ip starting point (0 spec) with 3 times slower leveling speed disadvantage than regular weapons and also a higher cap if maxed all the way (100 spec)
      and would be balanced that way
      this would make normal weapons easier to master but have lower IP cap if leveled to the max

      artifact weapons (higher max IP,Higher starting IP and slower level speed)
      regular weapons (lower IP max,lower IP start and faster leveling speed)

      from the changes to destiny board artifact weapons would be much easier to level but the small 0.2 ip per level buff would be harder to get
      that means maxing the whole dagger tree would take much longer than now. though it would be fun to have more IP from specilazions than now but the effort to get there would take ages XD