New Arena Mode Suggestion

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    • New Arena Mode Suggestion


      I know a collection of players that have stopped playing the game due to not having the time to fame up weapons to test the higher tier skills out, specifically for group compositions. They didn't find a low fame build they enjoyed / worked well, so didn't take the time playing to level it up.


      Add in a new arena mode.

      You would select your role when signing up as normal, and you'd join the queue.

      When in the arena, you start naked, but there is a personal chest that contains all T8 weapons (applicable to your role), armour and capes, with all skills and passives unlocked.

      You then equip the selection you want to use / test.

      You would use your own food and potions.

      Any bonus IP from mastery / specialism is ignored.

      The chest despawns when the arena starts so you are limited to testing that build for that arena - if you hadn't equipped everything by the time the chest despawns then unlucky, you are assigned a random item to fill that empty slot (Issue: extra coding required)
      The chest doesn't despawn, so at anytime you can go back to it to test out a new build (Issue: people may spend ages just going for counters of what the other team has picked, back and forth).

      Everyone would be able to test everything on equal footing.

      Extra work for SBI to implement and maintain.


      1. People would find a high level build they enjoy, and some of them would be impatient to use it in the open world, and thus would spend (extra) real world money to get gold, to get silver, to buy tomes to power level it.

      2. People would find a high level build they enjoy, and continue to play the game, rather than quitting. Each person who quits is a loss of a potential revenue stream.

      Thanks for reading.