Arena Content Improvements

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    • Arena Content Improvements

      Hello AO devs, at this point the Arena content is more for rookies than veterans and it seems like a waste of time imo. It would be great if you consider these following improvements/changes:
      1. Remove any power cap from the arena so many people can check out their new builds and train wid it.
      2. Add rankings or league matches in arena so that Veterans will not be paired up with Rookies to avoid unfairness, in case the new players just wants to have fun and rank up. So like the more you win matches the more points u get that will let the players rank up in the arena like PUBG or Clash Of Clans.
      3. Add more incentive for playing the arena as well so if your at the bottom rank u get low rewards but at higher league/ranking you get more lucrative rewards...idk maybe an item.
      4. And if possible add like new modes in arena like 1v1 or 2v2 or squads(4v4) that will attract plsyers who just wants to have fun without the risk factor of losing all your items.