Albion Online Expansion Idea 2

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    • Albion Online Expansion Idea 2

      Hello again, I am The_Support_God a content brain-stormer who loves to bring fresh ideas to the table I am back with another idea for an expansion idea update. This thread is about expanding the world of Albion with a theme. Inputs and suggestions to improve this thread will be much appreciated.

      Shout out to games such as league of legends and path of exile and world of warcraft for this idea. These ideas are credited to their owners

      The Theme: Ascension

      Game lore: There have been traces of a great civilization in the albion outlands with history far longer than even the avalonians. historians believe there is a great power to be found in these ruins.

      Game mechanics introduced:
      1) Ascendancy
      2) The Trials
      3) Lord Labyrinth endgame
      4) Gathering
      5) Crafting
      6) Overworld changes
      7) Future Updates

      If you miss my first one you can find it under Albion Online Expansion Idea 1
      Here is the link:…-Online-Expansion-Idea-1/

      It is a bit lacking because of word limitations so this one which is in a word file is to over come that word limitation

      Read to your heart's content and remember to give feedback so i can improve on it

      and without further ado here is the expansion idea

      Albion Online Expansion Idea 2.pdf

      Author's Take away
      Next on my idea bucket list is the introduction of T9 Legendary gear and T10 World class items but that will have to wait till next time
      Leave a comment and give some juicy ideas and I will compile them andmake it into a grand idea
      For now Cya
      Next update will take about 1-3 months depending on idea availability andmy free time

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