Dear Albion: Please Fix Diving Content.

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    • Dear Albion: Please Fix Diving Content.

      We can't get a single dungeon to dive in a long time. Every frelling dungeon there's a scout inside, some random dude that downloaded albion on his cellphone and it's there to make things safe with 0 risk to losing anything. In my mind you have to do something about it cause it makes the game soooo boring. In the past it was more uncommon to see scouts but then albion android started to happen and more and more scouts least you could abuse an unintended mechanic with specter boots that could get you past the scout but you fixed that and you made albion for android better and more available to the masses, now I can play albion on my crappy cellphone if I want...We spent 2 hours (today...we've been searching for weeks) walking to every static dungeon and every t8 map on bz lymhurst looking for fights and the only thing we killed were naked scouts....thats not fun at all My guild never used scouts...ever. If we are feeling unsafe we just take a tank that leachs fame and scouts for us and his job is to call contact and give us time to reset the pull to fight, but he's present, he gets fame and he's well equipped. People just take some random character that created in a random account with 0 fame and is there inside the dungeon or the static dungeon to call his buddies so they can flee to safety...FUN FUN FUN.
      PLEASE....PLEASE do something about it.

      Not a game designer but here are some ideas: FIRST and more basic if you're naked you cannot enter any dungeon or static dungeon.
      Second: You need to have some base IP to enter....example: t6 1000ip, t7, 1100, t8 1200...if you do not meet the requirements there's a strange force that doesnt let you enter there'll be scouts but at the very least you get a cheap a** t6 equipment and scouts will need ot have some fame on their character. That wont stop scouts but it'll get more difficult for them to do it.
      THIRD: ban for a couple of days main accounts to people that abuses android system or dual PC for scouting
      FOURTH: IDK, I have some other ideas but my english is limited and im out of time.

      PLEASE ALBION PLEASE and thank you.
      Shikady - La Supremacia