Developers approaching nerfing

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    • Developers approaching nerfing

      Recently after reading another NDA playtest, yet again, i've seen how terribly the developers are approaching balance issues.

      Let's look into few previously Over-powered items, and their situation in the game right now:
      1. One of most recent - One handed spear.
      One handed spear was such an OP weapon, with inner focus being the main reason.
      The nerf caused a decrease of speed gained per tick by half - Your speed increase will be 2x lower.
      2. Graveguard helmet
      Graveguard helmet was go-to helmet for most solo players, before it was nerfed. Graveguard helmet was nerfed, so you cannot use it on yourself anymore, rendering it useless for solo players.
      3. Graveguard boots
      Graveguard boots was go-to ZvZ item, the price was massive. Haven't seen these boots since.

      Conclusion and thoughts:

      There has been so many nerfs, which caused builds and items to be completly trashed and placed in a very, very high shelf.
      Developers do not approach the re-balance, as they should, as most other games do - reworking.
      Nerfing certain items is required, but there needs to be some breathing room given to the item.

      While obviously there is meta game in Albion, but there are items, which are almost not used, at all, and they should be reworked, otherwise, they are useless additions to the game, just "fillers".
      Stop throwing items out of window, instead, re-work them, hard nerfs should be compensated, so the item is usable.

      Let's discuss!
    • I was thinking the same when Scholar Sandals got nerfed and more or less the same about Graveguard Helmet no longer being viable for solo players...

      I was questioning the order in which the nerfs were done it was clear to me certain types of content never appealed to higher ups at SBI and Round Table.

      SBI did many times in the past completely break certain items stead of trying to achieve equilibrium. SBI does not play certain things in the game much like 2v2s, solo ganking. There is a lot of things players experience that people in charge of balancing are not interested in trying and exploring.

      I wish there would be more viable weapon picks for solo gankers
      2v2 meta was ignored until Queen and it's still pretty disbalanced with Robes of Purity being the meta since Queen there were some attempts to bring balance to 2v2 but that's so lale... I have been asking about Fiend Robes since early 2019 when Money Guild was farming 2v2s in FULL T8s.

      - nobody has ever looked at HP Regen Foods / Potions could have changed that instead of certain kits like Spear/Warbow
    • I'm not a veteran but from a general game perspective, if your item is very expensive but its crafting cost/rarity is the same os cheaper ones, means that the item is being overly used due to being overpowered/too good.

      Take cultist robe, for instance. It is expensive as fuck, even though in theory you can easily disable its effect. Why? because is too godamn good Heals, phys immunity, ridiculously low cd. That's a problem IMO, and they mentioned this in the last dev video.

      Can't speak about the items you mentioned since i don't usually play/face them, but i you mentioned the price of graveguard boots, so might aswell have the same reasoning behind it.