Guild kills vs another guild and season/Guild moderators

    • Guild kills vs another guild and season/Guild moderators

      If Albion online could track how many players from specific guild are killed by players from a specific guild in open world IE not in CGvG or hellgate. We could improve the Cluster Queue and anti Disarray NAPs

      1 other measure would have to be in place i think,, only use the metric on active ZvZ guilds, excluding those who have never placed silver, unless its their first season. it will become evident.

      If we track X guild kills 1000 players per day on average, but kills less than 0.1% of Y guilds players this outlier shows us they are in an effective NAP and thus could be impacted by cluster queues and disarrays to behave in manners similar to alliances.

      The above mentioned only tracking vs guilds that participate in large scale conflict is to reduce the number of 0% results, as most guilds would never have come in contact with a guild that never leaves the royals or blue zones because they are so new.

      With these new stats in mind, i also recommend that a team of moderators/ appointed persons could easily handle using the results to stop the NAP abuses..

      By establishing a rule to not circumvent the Disarray it becomes fairly easy to monitor abuses with proper statics and players watching for it...

      We can see it in every invasion day stream, AOTV is very aware of who is in obvious NAP, most competitive guilds are aware of other NAPs

      If Devs built a system to be run by moderators instead of the game tracking defacto alliances is really not that difficult, at least the high end offenders that we have seen season after season working together.

      Devs work with the game and engine and code sure, but Guild / Season Moderators would be able to monitor the situation in a manner that the code cannot.