Average IP, cluster queue, and capes.

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    • Average IP, cluster queue, and capes.

      First of all.
      How you calculate avg IP.
      From my calculation it's average along all items with factor 1 + 2H weapons with factor 2.
      Slot average.
      Cape gives 1/6 influence, same as any other slot.
      You do not account slot resource value as avg IP factor.
      It sucks.

      Queue account average IP, and now, slowly we face the fact, we have to use 8.1 normal capes instead of faction capes.
      It have same cost as 4.2 faction cape, but gives 50 more average IP.
      It sucks.

      Faction capes cost progression.
      It grows too fast, with minimal benefits.
      It sucks.

      1. Change avg IP formula to use resource value factors (weapon weight 3 - main, 1 - off, 2H - 4, armor - 2, helm/shoes/cape - 1).
      2. Or. Rework faction capes cost progression.
      3. Or. Exclude capes from avg IP.
      WTB skill
    • Average IP is a problem

      I used to spend time managing guild ops and people often considered Average IP to matter... IT DOES NOT.

      I do not get why devs use it for cluster queue. as they designed it.... ?

      Average IP is descriptive not Prescriptive. meaning what you wear (and it power) dictates the IP / not the IP dictates your power

      whats this mean?

      look at the crystalgvg scrim discords, they all require you at 1250 IP WITHOUT Stat Pads.

      Stat padding is huge when using Average IP.

      IP in general is meaningless its a measure without equivalence. a 1300 IP cape provides nothing compared to a 1300 IP chest piece.

      even chest piece to chest piece IP can be impossible to equate as w 1300 IP chest pieces can be vastly different value because the skills and the skill scaling and stats and stat scaling must all be considered

      Thus IP is meaningless rather than having knowledge of relative power of stats and skill combos on a piece and its POWER not its IP the ip helps measure but does not it is incomplete.

      This applied to an average IP becomes far more muddied as a person with a T4.1 chestpieces and T8.3 everything else looks as powerful as someone in around t7.2 everything... but in fact they perform mostly like a t 6.1 because the relative power of a chest piece matters more than any other item in the game.