Dev Talk: Avalonian Weapons

    • No wipe. No new server. Some of you have zero clue what a persistent world mmo is. Stop trying to change the entire fundamentals of the game to suit your own agenda.
      T8 Fibre, Ore, Hide, Wood & Stone Gatherer
      T8 Gathering Gear Crafter
      T8 Bags & Capes Crafter
    • Axe ability is underwhelming for the theme and does not really fit it.
      I would consider swapping Hand Of Justice(hammer) ability with Realmbreaker(axe).

      The idea behind hammers is utility and the current Realmbreaker's ability would perfectly fit in it.
      Meanwhile axes are more about slaughtering stuff and current Hand Of Justice ability would do amazing job.
      People who chose to go after hammers did that for the reason: utility,
      meanwhile those who went after axes wanted to slaughter stuff. What I
      mean is even in the names of abilities.
      Please, reconsider the abilities before the final release!

      For those who do not know the abilities:
      Hand's Of Justice Onslaught is aoe spin and then bash the ground for more aoe dmg.
      Realmbreaker's Aftershock is aoe dmg. and -50% of energy for 8sec;