Market Imbalance

    • Market Imbalance

      1) Add the ability to see all buy orders, not just the ones that are created by the player. Currently there is no way to know to see who is buying what and how much they want to buy. This will make it easier for players to fulfil specific buy orders, especially in guild markets. As of now you have to use a third party market manager to see what the other players need or want to buy through Discord or another median.
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    • Crane wrote:

      OP wants Level 2 data like you can pay for on the stock exchanges.

      I WOULD TOTALLY SUPPORT THIS, along with candlestick charts ala Eve Online. Let us market folks thrive!
      That pull out is literally level 2 data. Level 2 is depth of orders.
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    • You are correct in that is it L2-ish, however it does not include details like when the order was placed (which can help determine if it is the same or a different trader), nor accurate volume information for the day to determine time volatility. I wish they wouldn't hide all the technical numerical fun so us math folks can roll around in it.

      The more I read OP the more I believe they just didn't know that tab existed.

      I still want candlesticks in AO.
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    • Solestius wrote:

      Thank you for the information. I will use this.
      Was what I said helpful? I was just taking a sort of cold read on your question. It wasn't completely clear to me what you were asking about, but I decided that you just typed the word "to" instead of "I", and that you just didn't know about this feature yet.

      If I was of no help at all, I'd like to know that to, so that I know that my guess was a bad guess, and I will try to do better.
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    • Yes and no. You can see what others are buying and selling of a specific item when you have that item to sell or if the item is available on the market. You cannot see all of the sell/buy orders. I want to be able to see the buy orders from specific people in our guild through our guild market. I am a harvester/crafter. I cannot craft specific items for our guild if I do not know exactly what they need. It is very tedious, inconsistent, and annoying to have to go through a third party communications system to communicate with your guild on what is needed/wanted. This information should be available in game. Making this information available to everyone on the general market as well as the guild markets or just in the guild market will make the market better and more customizable.
      PMC, Guildmaster